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1. A common, coarse-grained, light-colored, hard igneous rock consisting chiefly of quartz, orthoclase or microcline, and mica, used in monuments and for building.
2. Unyielding endurance; steadfastness: a will of granite.

[Italian granito, from past participle of granire, to make grainy, from grano, grain, from Latin grānum; see gr̥ə-no- in Indo-European roots.]

gra·nit′ic (gră-nĭt′ĭk, grə-), gran′it·oid′ (grăn′ĭ-toid′) adj.
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Compared with depleted high-field-strength elements, they show notable characteristics of depleted Nb and Ta, which is similar to that of island arc magmatite in subduction zone; both of their mineral compositions are generally consistent with those of amphibole calc-alkaline granitoid (ACG) under the mechanism of subduction (Lei et.
The Wadhrai granitoid body of the NPIC is an extension of the Neoproterozoic Malani Igneous Suite of western Rajasthan.
The degree of weathering of the Variscan metamorphic basement at the unconformity ranges from a thin alteration "halo" to thick Fe-rich paleosoils, laterites and calcretes (developed after metamorphites), and the presence of loose sand (developed after granitoid rocks).
The Central plutonio belt comprises mainly granitoid rocks that underlie a large area of central New Brunswick.
The lower part is covered mainly by quaternary deposits and sand dunes with small scattered highly altered granitoid and metamorphosed basaltic hills.
HeidelbergCement used to have business operations in Bulgaria when it was owner of the cement plants Zlatna Panega and Granitoid.
To determine the corrosion resistance of selected materials in the natural environment granitoid,
The objective of this study is to geochemistry identify this pluton, determine the tectonic setting and granitoid series.
The object of this study is a ceramic mixture, containing local raw materials: fusible clay "Lukoml-1", granitoid screenings Mikashevichith RUPP "Granite", dolomite deposits "Rube" and quartz sand of Gomel Mining and imported from Ukraine refractory clay "DNPK".
The deposit is located in the block of an Upper Cretaceous granitoid massif, bursting through a layer of volcano sedimentary Lower Cretaceous formations.
Elevated rare earth element (REE) values associated with this multi-element anomaly support the possibility that the molybdenum-silver-copper-gold anomaly maybe associated with a granitoid intrusive.