granny knot

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granny knot

granny knot

A knot resembling a square knot but with the second tie crossed incorrectly.

[So called in contempt.]
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granny knot


granny's knot

(Knots) a reef knot with the ends crossed the wrong way, making it liable to slip or jam
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gran′ny knot`

an insecure version of a square knot in which the bights cross each other in the wrong direction next to the end.
[1850–55; so called in contempt]
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Noun1.granny knot - a reef knot crossed the wrong way and therefore insecuregranny knot - a reef knot crossed the wrong way and therefore insecure
flat knot, reef knot - a square knot used in a reef line
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And although the cast of every Sunderland escape changes annually, not least in the manager's office, they are seasoned campaigners who can catch bullets in their teeth where Norwich cannot wriggle out of a granny knot. When fur and feathers had been separated, Fabio Borini - veteran of the Black Caps' tap dance on the trapdoor under Gus Poyet two years ago - buried the opening goal from the spot.
These usually include a simple thumb knot (also used as a stopper knot), a granny knot (two thumb knots jammed together), a reef knot (two opposite-handed thumb knots - easier to undo), a slip knot loop (a thumb knot with a loop), a double slipped reef knot (a bow for tying shoe-laces), a simple necktie knot (technically, a topsail halyard bend!) and often a bowline loop, a clove hitch and a few more you remember from some youth organisation or a hobby you once had.
To be accurate, it's a granny knot, or grief knot depending on which particular ends you pull.
Well it's like that, except you can't hobble like a crab over to the hand-dryers in the hope the warm air will loosen the granny knot you've concocted 'twixt your nethers.