granny knot

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granny knot

granny knot

A knot resembling a square knot but with the second tie crossed incorrectly.

[So called in contempt.]

granny knot


granny's knot

(Knots) a reef knot with the ends crossed the wrong way, making it liable to slip or jam

gran′ny knot`

an insecure version of a square knot in which the bights cross each other in the wrong direction next to the end.
[1850–55; so called in contempt]
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Noun1.granny knot - a reef knot crossed the wrong way and therefore insecuregranny knot - a reef knot crossed the wrong way and therefore insecure
flat knot, reef knot - a square knot used in a reef line
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It breaks easily, so take a dozen turns or more in each direction and tie it off with granny knots.
Less well-known are cat's paw, crabber's eye, Turk's head, sheepshank, halliard hitch, carrick bend and granny knots.
Manchester United legend Coppell takes Reading into the Premiership leaders' lair tomorrow in the mood to tie granny knots in his pasta after humbling Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Boxing Day.