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A coarse-grained igneous rock consisting primarily of quartz, plagioclase feldspar, and potassium feldspar, and also containing biotite, hornblende, or pyroxene.

gran′o·di′o·rit′ic (-rĭt′ĭk) adj.
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(Geological Science) a coarse-grained acid igneous rock containing almost twice as much plagioclase as orthoclase: intermediate in composition between granite and diorite
[C19: from grano + diorite]
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The Discovery Zone is characterised by anomalous stream sediments in several neighbouring creeks running from 143 ppb to 834 ppb gold (see Figure 1) and is coincident with the presence of government mapped granodiorite intrusives.
The Nugget Zone, inclusive of the Raven Target, represents the second largest Cretaceous granodiorite intrusive body on the Dublin Gulch property (second only the Dublin Gulch stock that hosts the Eagle Gold Mine) and consists of a 2.2 kilometer by 1.2 kilometer, medium to coarse grained granodiorite stock of the Cretaceous age Tombstone Plutonic Suite.
She'll also stop by at the original location of the Rosetta Stone, the granodiorite stele discovered in 1799 that became y to deciphering hieroglyphs, and thereby opening a ndow into ancient Egyptian history.
Egypt would still like the return of the Rosetta Stone, a granodiorite stone inscribed with three versions of a decree issued at Memphis, Egypt, in 196BC -- one in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, one in Demotic script and one in ancient Greek.
Prospects for the occurrence of copper ore (possibly porphyry-type), in the Andean-type granodiorite sills of the study area, have also been discussed (Fletcher, 1985).
Main lithologies are a porphyritic dacite surrounded by a coarse-grained granodiorite. The porphyritic dacite is of light green colour having 5% phenocrysts within a fine feldspar matrix.
At Ujina-8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, the furnaces have a typical bench shape and are made with granodiorite blocks (Figure 6).
A Red Chromo-sol (Isbell and NCST 2016) has formed over Wantabadgery Granodiorite here, within the East Bomen soil landscape unit mapped by Chen (1997).
First, 18 granodiorite specimens of the half-cylinder core were taken in the same borehole.
More importantly, the lithology of reservoir rock in most dry-hot rock sites in the world is granite or granodiorite [19-23,27].
The gold mineralized veins are hosted in competent granodiorite and extend to surface.
During Napoleon's invasion, a French captain discovered a slab of granodiorite, inscribed with three versions of the same text - a decree issued in 196BC by Ptolemy V.