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Noun1.granola bar - cookie bar made of granolagranola bar - cookie bar made of granola    
cookie, cooky, biscuit - any of various small flat sweet cakes (`biscuit' is the British term)
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Friday: Breakfast pizza or Pop Tart, granola bar, fruit, juice, milk
JUNCTION CITY - A Canadian cereal and granola bar maker plans to open a large manufacturing plant south of Junction City, employing about 75 people, according to the proposed plant's developer.
This kind of granola bar is perfect for a pre-game or pre-workout snack.
KIND Healthy Snacks has entered the granola bar segment with KIND Healthy Grains Bars.
Protein and fiber are finding their way into even the most mainstream cereal and granola bar products, she adds.
Crunchy Granola is the UK's first fair trade granola bar.
Not so long ago, your breakfast-on-the-go options were limited to either Pop-Tarts or your basic granola bar.
Nature Volley, the crunchy granola bar from General Mills UK, is helping retailers tap into this trend by giving away 25 cases of the leading variant Oats 'N Honey.
Minneapolis, launched the granola bar segment to health-oriented consumers in 1975 with the Nature Valley brand.
I had my bow laying against a tree while I ate a granola bar.
Even the most remote trails in Nepal are littered with bright orange Kodak film boxes and granola bar wrappers.
Consumers are also urged to dispose of any Cascadian Farm Granola Bar products containing peanuts that are past the "Better if Used By Date" printed on the box.