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Noun1.granola bar - cookie bar made of granolagranola bar - cookie bar made of granola    
cookie, cooky, biscuit - any of various small flat sweet cakes (`biscuit' is the British term)
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The best way to describe Qrunch is that someone transplanted pancakes into an oversized granola bar. It effortlessly combines maple pancake flavor, the cakiness of French toast, and the crunch of granola into a completely unique breakfast experience.
Monday Cereal/Oatmeal, Granola Bar, Fruit, Juice, Milk
Consumers are increasingly replacing meals with snacks altogether, which means they're looking for something more substantial than a simple granola bar to satisfy their hunger.
JUNCTION CITY - A Canadian cereal and granola bar maker plans to open a large manufacturing plant south of Junction City, employing about 75 people, according to the proposed plant's developer.
IRI data detailing the 52 weeks ending May 15 show small dollar sales gains in the breakfast/cereal/snack bar and granola bar segments, but nutritional/intrinsic health value bars approached double-digit dollar sales growth during the same timeframe.
Each of the approximately 70 golfers, ranging in age from 10-17, received a "goody bag" made up of a city embossed water bottle containing three golf balls and a granola bar--and fastened to the granola bar was a sticker reading, "Re-elect Mayor Dyster, Moving forward together.
The Lord spoke to Abraham saying, "Your descendants shall be as numerous as crumbs of a crunchy granola bar after you bite into it."
Each snack box includes Chipotle peanuts from The Mexican Bean, Bombay Monkey Mix from Raja Monkey, an On The Go Granola Bar and Triple Chocolate Brownie from Mrs Mills Makes Cakes and La Boca del Diablo from Pip's Hot Sauce.
The Helium II Jacket folds down into the size of a granola bar. Carry this lightweight, waterproof jacket for unexpected rain showers.
KIND Healthy Snacks has entered the granola bar segment with KIND Healthy Grains Bars.
Crunchy Granola is the UK's first fair trade granola bar. It is made with Guatemalan honey from a bee-keeping co-op.
When Ann couldn't find a packaged granola bar she liked, she ditched grocery store grub for homemade munchies.