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A fine-grained granite porphyry having a groundmass with irregular intergrowths of quartz and feldspar.

[German Granophyr : grano-, grano- + (Por)phyr, porphyry (from Medieval Latin porphyrium; see porphyry).]

gran′o·phyr′ic (-fîr′ĭk) adj.


(Geological Science) a fine-grained granitic rock in which irregular crystals of intergrown quartz and feldspar are embedded in a groundmass of these minerals
[C19: from gran(ite) + -phyre after porphyry]
granophyric adj


(ˈgræn əˌfaɪər)

a porphyritic granitic rock with a micrographic intergrowth of the minerals of the groundmass.
[1880–85; grano- + French (por)phyre porphyry]
gran`o•phy′ric (-ˈfɪr ɪk) adj.
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A 4 m long medium-grained granophyre dyke in one of the porphyritic dykes consists of perthite quartz amphibole opaque oxide and biotite.
Dickin and Exley (1981) reported an age of 59 3[+ or -]0 07 Ma for the youngest Cuillin centre intrusion, the Coire Uaigneich Granophyre.
Interstitial granophyre generally is present in syenogranite samples.
The hardness of the granophyre, the particular boulder shield weathering formation and the cortex (crust) of the rock surface, not only provide innumerable surfaces to produce the images but once created are slow to erode to invisibility.
Geologically, the deposit occurs in the Rashoop Granophyre Suite of the Bushveld Complex.
Chemical composition of ten samples (one granophyre, three gabbros, one mafic dyke, three felsic dykes and two rhyolites) of the Sierra de San Miguel Complex was analyzed.
The sample consists of light grey, sparsely porphyritic, aphanitic rhyolite with potassium feldspar, and lesser amounts of quartz and granophyre phenocrysts.
The Lady of the Lake Complex comprises a layered suite of rocks ranging in composition from mafic, pegmatoidal norite and gabbros to granophyre, and bears geologic similarities to both the Stillwater and Bushveld complexes.
Granophyre and hybrid pipes in dolerite layer of Slieve Gullion.
2) The majority of samples contain a mesostasis, which is dominated by skeletal Fe-Ti oxides, Fe-rich clinopyroxene, and apatite with associated granophyre.