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1. Composed or appearing to be composed of granules or grains: granular sugar; granular snow.
a. Having a high level of detail, as in a set of data: a more granular report that shows daily rather than weekly sales figures.
b. Consisting of multiple diverse or discrete elements: granular income streams from a variety of tenants.
3. Biology Containing granules: granular cells.

gran′u·lar′i·ty (-lăr′ĭ-tē) n.
gran′u·lar·ly adv.
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As part of the latest release, customers can now easily recover granularly without mounting the virtual disk image (VMDK), reducing recovery times, or they can completely automate and orchestrate recovery at scale, enabling greater levels of business resiliency and worry-free migrations to the cloud.
The flexible access control mechanism allows team managers to granularly control access to each function of the system.
More granularly, we might think in terms of Weber's two types of political vanity.
More granularly, firms can follow the recommended steps in the Coinbase white paper A Securities Law Framework for Blockchain Tokens, such as controlling the timing of sale to be after the project is live, to show that their coins are not securities.
VIMEO, DOTDASH TO BECOME OWN SEGMENTS: IAC will make Vimeo its own segment Vimeo so shareholders can see progress more granularly through revenue and investment each quarter.
Blue elite's power, in its hold on the cultural pulse and economic lifeblood of American life, compares granularly to the planter aristocracy of the 1850s.
granularly at the volume level without the need and additional cost of purchasing self
I have also noted heavier deer utilization when minerals are supplied granularly and mixed into loose, moist soil.
"Advertisers can reach incredibly granularly targeted audiences," said Marl Smith, a small-business and Facebook-marketing expert.
Having it more granularly priced into insurance premiums could