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Secondary endpoints will include reduction of pain, time to achieve complete debridement, reduction of wound area, granulation tissue and quality of life, and will be compared with gel vehicle placebo and SOC.
This cycle of refiling, rupture and collapse continues to occur for months.7 Mucocele size ranges from few millimetres to several centimetres across which depends upon its location.There are two patterns histologically,one is an intact epithelium lined duct it dilates and forms a cyst, this is mucin filled with inflammatory debris or extravasated mucin in the stroma which has granulation tissue with inflammatory infiltrate and histiocytes.8
The dorsal head eschar was gently removed with tissue forceps, revealing healthy pink granulation tissue (Fig 2) and exposed cranium cancellous bone.
Healing is a five step process that includes haemostasis and blood clotting, fibroplasia and neovascularization, granulation tissue formation, re-epithelialization and finally the formation of new extracellular matrix and tissue remodeling (1,2).
The clinical diagnosis of cholesteatomas is supported by computed tomography (CT) scans showing bone erosion or destruction, which differentiates cholesteatoma from granulation tissue or fluid retention due to chronic otitis media.
Test Group: Received hydrogel with colloidal silver along with bedside surgical debridement whenever required for wounds/ ulcers, which had slough in the floor and still granulation tissue appeared.
After 5 weeks, the Strattice[TM] was fully covered by the granulation tissue (Figure 2a).
During endoscopic surgery, the mass was solid and resembled granulation tissue without any purulent discharge.
Of one dog, Haworth said: "Both ear flaps had been cropped and there was evidence of early attempts at healing with scabs and early granulation tissue. This resulted in open infected wounds that were a cause of pain and discomfort."
Low voltage stimulation10, laser therapy and negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) all are applied with the goal of achieving healthy granulation tissue and wound treatment.
Therefore in control and MC groups the maturation of granulation tissue for complete healing, were also delayed on 21 days.
During the procedure, the previous left tympanostomy tube was found to be occluded with debris and granulation tissue. This tube was removed, granulation tissue around the area was removed, and the new tympanostomy tube was placed.