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A metamorphic rock consisting of similarly sized, interlocking minerals, especially feldspar, quartz, and garnet, and lacking the layering and foliation characteristic of other metamorphic rocks.

gran′u·lit′ic (-lĭt′ĭk) adj.
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(Geological Science) a granular foliated metamorphic rock in which the minerals form a mosaic of equal-sized granules
granulitic adj
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(ˈgræn yəˌlaɪt)

a metamorphic rock composed of granular minerals of uniform size, as quartz, feldspar, or pyroxene, and showing a definite banding.
gran`u•lit′ic (-ˈlɪt ɪk) adj.
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The Luusika Bouguer anomaly source is placed within the Alutaguse domain, which is characterized by amphibolite facies rocks that pass towards granulite facies rocks (Bogdanova et al.
Our results showed that SOC was positively related with precipitation and clay content, possibly due to inputs of organic matter from the MDF and SEF, which were dominated by outcrops of homblende-biotite granulite bedrocks (Table 1; Fig.
[14] analyzed the Brazilian tensile splitting tests of stratified biotite granulite rocks with PFC2D.
A carved teak jharoka architectural ensemble from Gujarat, 1596 is fitted on the ceiling; a granulite 9- ft high sculpture of Enthroned Vishnu lords over from the early 9th century; and a copper alloy Chola sculpture from Tamil Nadu, late 11th century of Shiva embracing his consort, Uma while taking pride in their graceful beauty.
combined with high pressures, as with upper granulite facies conditions).
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