grape harvest

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Costa Del Celebrity C5, 8pm Our famous five spend the final days of their Spanish adventure helping out at a family-run vineyard during the last day of the grape harvest.
The record for Oregon's wine grape harvest was set in 2015 with 84,949 tons.
Summer rain can dilute the grapes' flavor, but this year's warm, dry weather made for an ideal grape harvest, which must be completed by mid-October.
Tennessees grape harvest is underway and will continue through mid-October.
THE price of French and Italian wine is likely to go up after poor weather hit this year's grape harvest.
Holidays like Tu B'Av (whose origins celebrate the start of the grape harvest, for those of you who had to look it up, too) are connected to love and fertility, but beyond the feel-good-vibes, why does love need its own holiday?
In mid-September when they took the photo the grape harvest was in full swing with teams of pickers carefully removing the bunches of grapes by hand.
Sam Wylie-Harris celebrates the grape harvest in Mendoza with a taste of Argentina A FABULOUS fruit-driven party, Mendoza's National Grape Harvest Festival at the beginning of March sees 200,000 people gather in the streets to celebrate.
USPRwire, Fri Oct 09 2015] Following a record 2013 grape harvest, favourable growing conditions resulted in a bumper 2014 wine crop, with the harvest up 445,000 tonnes, or 29% on the previous year.
TUNIS (TAP)- The Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fishery said, in a statement published Monday, that table grape harvest for the 2014-2015 season, would be 150,000 tonnes, according to the first estimates, i.
ClickPress, Sat Dec 06 2014] The New Zealand grape harvest posted a record 345, 000 tonnes in 2013, representing a 29% increase on the 2013 harvest.
Whether it is picking pumpkins from local farms or celebrating the grape harvest with area wineries, fall is special time in VenturaCountyWest.