grape jelly

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Noun1.grape jelly - jelly made from grape juicegrape jelly - jelly made from grape juice    
jelly - a preserve made of the jelled juice of fruit
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d'Arabian of Food Network's ''Ten Dollar Dinners'' is a fan of the classic party meatball, but she breaks with the grape jelly tradition, preferring raspberry jam, instead.
For example, a coupon for grape jelly may pop up on a smartphone screen as the customer reaches for peanut butter in a nearby aisle.
Grape jelly is often used with waffles and bacon, and is amazing, though most definitely an acquired taste.
When it comes to food, the menu includes good quality peanut butter and grape jelly. There's also honey, fresh fruit and organic bread on the list.
hot pepper flakes 1/4 cup grape jelly 1/2 cup chicken stock (reduced sodium) 12 red seedless grapes 2 one-inch thick slices of polenta (I use ready-made available in the produce section.) Olive oil cooking spray
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] REINDEER SANDWICHES 1 (7-ounce) jar marshmallow creme 1 (18-ounce)jar combined grape jelly and peanut butter 1/2 cup chopped honey-roasted peanuts 1 Loaf whole-wheat bread 80 Christmas tree pretzels (or pretzel sticks, broken) 20 maraschino cherries, halved and drained 80 mini chocolate chips Combine marshmallow creme, peanut butterjelly mixture, and peanuts.
There is also a new children's menu with a selection of new "kid-friendly" options, such as a turkey and Swiss cheese or sunbutter and grape jelly half-sandwiches served with organic fruit gummy bears.
Also, please explain to me how a country that grows tonnes of grapes each year has no grape jelly? I don't even like to think about what would happen in the United States without grape jelly.
Likewise Molly's face always sports dirt sand or grape jelly and her teeth are inexplicably falling out but Soupy thinks she is by far the most beautiful "human-kitten." In this endearing story narrated by Soupy owner and pet's mutual admiration draws them back to each other when the tabby becomes lost.
After the sandwich, after watching the peanut butter on her daughter's fingers become stuck with crumbs and deciding that licking them would not be pleasant, after listening to Emily graze through her day between noisy chews, grape jelly spreading down her chin, she found herself composed.
Make a fake mustache out of grape jelly and wear a helmet made out of peanut butter?
Each of the three popular products: Concord grape jelly, strawberry preserves and red raspberry preserves contain 10% more fruit per serving than traditional jellies and preserves and are certified Organic by Oregon Tilth and the USDA.