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Adj.1.grape-sized - having the approximate size of a grape
sized - having a specified size
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Sweet and just a little sour below what is unbearable, the tropical grape-sized fruit is a velvet-textured black shell housing an edible pulp containing a small seed.
4 Val Wallace, 52, Glasgow Mum-of-two Val was diagnosed last May after finding a grape-sized lump.
Villegas, a native of Sipalay City in Negros Occidental, was 23 when his mother noticed a grape-sized growth in the middle of his chin in 1981.
A small, "grape-sized", quantity of heroin - his personal stash - was found in a sock and when his luggage was searched, two sets of scales, latex gloves, two mobile phones and some Vaseline were discovered.
CASE REPORT: A 25-year-old male presented with history of intermittent passage of small, white, balloon-like, grape-sized structures in the urine for the last one month.
Organiser Abdul Wadood Himmat said Anab was a grape-sized fruit abundantly produced in Farah.
Rescue teams were also alerted to two other M4 crashes within 45 minutes as grape-sized hail and heavy rain made driving treacherous.
RARE THE grape-sized Macaya breastspot frog was believed extinct, until it was rediscovered early last year after Haiti's devastating earthquake.
The body has two grape-sized adrenal glands, one sitting above each kidney.
Blondkopfchen, an old German favourite, fruits constantly until early winter, producing huge bunches of grape-sized, goldenyellow, strong-tasting fruits.
Leafy vegetables are also replaced by mangodi (grape-sized dumplings made from soaked and ground moong dal or urad dal) and papad made with powdered lentils.