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Adj.1.grape-sized - having the approximate size of a grape
sized - having a specified size
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Villegas, a native of Sipalay City in Negros Occidental, was 23 when his mother noticed a grape-sized growth in the middle of his chin in 1981.
Organiser Abdul Wadood Himmat said Anab was a grape-sized fruit abundantly produced in Farah.
Rescue teams were also alerted to two other M4 crashes within 45 minutes as grape-sized hail and heavy rain made driving treacherous.
THE grape-sized Macaya breastspot frog was believed extinct, until it was rediscovered early last year after Haiti's devastating earthquake.
The body has two grape-sized adrenal glands, one sitting above each kidney.
Blondkopfchen, an old German favourite, fruits constantly until early winter, producing huge bunches of grape-sized, goldenyellow, strong-tasting fruits.
The grape-sized protists and their complex groove-like tracks on the ocean floor near the Bahamas were found by biologist Mikhail Matz from The University of Texas at Austin, and his colleagues.
Equally intriguing is Kiwi Arguta, which produces a good crop of grape-sized kiwis that can be eaten whole.
Each offers mind-boggling assortments of red, pink, yellow, white, purple and bi-colored tomatoes in fruit ranging from grape-sized to colossal.
Work a grape-sized amount of smoothing cream into your hands and smooth from forehead to crown.
Cut off grape-sized pieces with the tip of a knife, and with another knife scrape them off into boiling chicken stock, water, or whatever your preference is.
And he is still having physiotherapy after having an adverse reaction to the latest operation to remove a grape-sized growth from his brain in August.