grapefruit juice

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Noun1.grapefruit juice - the juice of grapefruitsgrapefruit juice - the juice of grapefruits    
fruit crush, fruit juice - drink produced by squeezing or crushing fruit
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Since grapefruit juice is reported to inhibit P-gp function, this study investigated the effect of the juice on the transport of CoQ10 by Caco-2 cells (a cell line used to model the lining of the human intestine).
Enzymatically inactivating these compounds may be a way to eliminate them from commercial grapefruit juice. Work to identify enzymes in A.
It all began nearly 20 years ago when David G Bailey, PhD and his research team discovered the "Grapefruit Juice Effect." They found that the same liver enzyme metabolizes grapefruit and breaks down a number of drugs.
Tests show grapefruit juice can stop some antibiotics and hayfever medications from being absorbed at all.
For 20 years it has been known that grapefruit juice can boost the potency of some drugs, increasing the risk of an overdose.
Suggested retail prices are $3.49 for the apple juice and $3.89 for the grapefruit juice. The line is being supported in 2007 and 2008 with a marketing program that includes a multimedia advertising plan, public relations and in-store marketing.
[8] Grapefruit juice also inhibits the same enzyme--so if one has been cautioned to avoid grapefruit juice because of interaction with prescription drugs, one might be cautious with resveratrol as well.
It would seem to me that instead of looking to minimize the effect of grapefruit juice in slowing the metabolism and elimination of drugs, one could cut drug dosages by taking advantage of it ("Nabbed: Culprit of grapefruit juice--drug interaction" SN: 5/20/06, p.
When you're preparing carrots in the microwave., add a squeeze or a short pour of orange or grapefruit juice. When reheating rice, add a squeeze of lemon juice.
Reader: I have taken Lipitor for a number of years and just learned that grapefruit juice is contraindicated when taking it.
The Cuban venture produces orange and grapefruit juice concentrate for sale to Parmalat in Italy.
Grapefruits and grapefruit juice contain a substance that increases the blood levels of some statins.