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Adj.1.grapelike - resembling the fruit of a grape vine
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During one of her duties, Catherine chanced upon an elderly patient who was taking acai berry, a popular grapelike fruit harvested from Brazilian acai palm trees.
[1] But the name was coined by Sebastiano Rivolta in 1884, which refers to its grapelike granules (Gr.
(13) The thick layer is the result of the refractile nature of the cell wall, which has caused S ventriculi to be mistaken for a fungus or vegetable matter.10 Sarcina bacteria can be differentiated from Staphylococcus species, even though both organisms are gram positive, because Staphylococcus bacteria, at approximately 1 [micro]m in diameter, is much smaller and is arranged in characteristic grapelike clusters, rather than a tetrad pattern.
The feedstock undergoes incomplete combustion due to the lack of oxygen causing the carbon atoms to grow into fused clusters of grapelike structures known as carbon black aggregates.
In a recent work, "a grapelike appearance" has been associated with IPMNs in 79% of cases, whereas a unilocular cyst shape was reported in 34% of patients affected by chronic pancreatitis.
The flavor is pleasantly acid, somewhat grapelike. Large fruits have two hemispherical, hard, buff-colored seeds 3/16 in (5 mm) wide.
White Ports, therefore, are medium-sweet, with fat, grapelike flavors.
A hydatidiform mole is a pregnancy / conceptus in which the placenta contains grapelike vesicles that are visible to the naked eye.
Staphylococci are Gram-positive bacteria that tend to form grapelike clusters.