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Noun1.graphic artist - an artist who designs and makes printsgraphic artist - an artist who designs and makes prints
artist, creative person - a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination
engraver - a printmaker who prints from an engraved printing plate
lithographer - a printmaker who uses lithography
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The Quick-Look Cookbook comes from a team of food lovers and graphic artists who illustrate some 400 step-by-step food and drink recipes from a graphic artist's perspective, creating what is, in effect, a cookbook and an art book all in one.
com announces an open Graphic Artist Internship opportunity for 5 exceptional students.
Glenn recently completed her post-graduate work at Harding University at Searcy and has worked as a graphic artist in the marketing departments at both the University of Central Arkansas and Arkansas State University.
Previously, Vanderwyst worked as graphic artist and marketer for local computer company Northwest Computer and has done freelance design work for many years.
CHILDREN found out what it's like to work as a graphic artist and had the chance to create their own comic character.
Are you a graphic artist who is ready to craft a business for yourself?
Fine artist, sculptor, and ceramicist Viktor Schreckengost has had an enormous impact of popular culture through his Limoges dinnerware designs, his work as a graphic artist, theater and costume designer, as well as his industrial designs which ranged from Murray bicycles, pedal cars, planes and boats, to Steelcraft toy buses and trucks, commercial printing presses, the first riding lawn mower, General Electric lighting fixtures and appliances, the Sear's Beverly Hills lawn chair, and that classic icon of American childhood--the little red wagon.
The commentators include Joel Asher (director, acting coach); Dori Atlantis (installation artist, art teacher); Richard Bruland (artist); Fu-Ding Cheng (artist, author, film maker); Gordon Hunt (director, voice actor); Jon Lawrence Rivera (director, artistic director); Maria Royce (cellist, sound artist, composer); Mimi Seton (composer, vocal artist); Stacey Stone (actress, graphic artist, poet); Charlayane Woodard (actress, playwright).
So, what is the difference between a graphic artist and an artist who does painting or sculpture?
RANCHO SANTA FE - A Daily News graphic artist and a photographer will be honored May 22 as winners in the Associated Press News Executives Council's annual contest honoring the best photography and graphics by AP member newspapers in California and Nevada.
Trugman worked as a graphic artist and art director at NBC-TV Burbank for more than 43 years, contributing graphics and titling for shows including "The Dinah Shore Chevy Show," "The Dean Martin Show," "The Tonight Show," "Laugh-In," Bob Hope and Jerry Lewis projects and many gameshows and specials.
Gerry, who was also a talented graphic artist, was probably more closely attuned to the art world than was Bob.

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