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Noun1.graphic artist - an artist who designs and makes printsgraphic artist - an artist who designs and makes prints
artist, creative person - a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination
engraver - a printmaker who prints from an engraved printing plate
lithographer - a printmaker who uses lithography
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Book Club: Founded by graphic artist Carol Jenkins-Cooper, this is an East Orange, New Jersey, organization that encourages children to read books along with their parents.
The commentators include Joel Asher (director, acting coach); Dori Atlantis (installation artist, art teacher); Richard Bruland (artist); Fu-Ding Cheng (artist, author, film maker); Gordon Hunt (director, voice actor); Jon Lawrence Rivera (director, artistic director); Maria Royce (cellist, sound artist, composer); Mimi Seton (composer, vocal artist); Stacey Stone (actress, graphic artist, poet); Charlayane Woodard (actress, playwright).
Hungarian industrial designer and graphic artist Daniel Erdely called the form a spidron when he discovered it in the early 1970s.
Bear also has hired Kris Sheppard as a graphic artist. Sheppard earned an associate's degree from Platt College in Ontario, Calif.
The poster, by graphic artist Heinz Schulz-Neudamm, features a distinctive art deco design in a sepia tone.
From the acclaimed graphic artist and book-cover designer comes this dark, sharp and funny satire of 1960s advertising.
Are you a graphic artist who is ready to craft a business for yourself?
Her familiarity with the work of the great Mexican graphic artist Jose Guadalupe Posada probably had an influence on her approach to certain pieces.
A graphic artist turned environmental planner, P.J.
You'd think AMACON could have sprung for some new software, or even hired a graphic artist to bring life to Leech's points.
animated pictures, the public is just now recognizing his stature as a graphic artist. Dedicated as he was to animation as the new graphic medium of our time, Jones never forgot that drawing the land and the people around him was imperative to assure new ideas as to shape, color and design.
First place awards were: Best Ad Less Than a Full Page, designed by graphic artist Melvin Moore, with a photograph taken by Wiley Price; Creative Use of Multiple Colors in an Ad, designed by Melvin Moore; and Best Newspaper-Produced Insert, the 2004 Reader Calendar, designed by Mike Terhaar, Melvin Moore and Kevin Jones.

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