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A soft crystalline allotrope of carbon, composed of graphene layers, having a steel-gray to black metallic luster and a greasy feel, used in lead pencils, lubricants, paints and coatings, and fabricated into a variety of forms such as molds, bricks, electrodes, crucibles, and rocket nozzles. Also called black lead, plumbago.

[Greek graphein, to write; see gerbh- in Indo-European roots + -ite.]

gra·phit′ic (gră-fĭt′ĭk) adj.
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They noted that the phenolic urethane coldbox sand that is not completely calcined in a reducing atmosphere features a residual graphitic coating and negatively impacts green properties.
As total carbon assays in this style of mineralisation closely approximate graphitic carbon assays (essentially within normally expected assay error levels), only total carbon assays have been determined in the test work to minimise laboratory costs that are significantly higher for determining graphitic carbon values.
The detonation nanodiamond usually consists of a diamond core of 2-4 nm in diameter and an outer surface composed of a graphitic shell or amorphous carbon, which is dominated by dangling bonds.
Drilling in February and again in April 2012 confirmed the presence of a discrete intense graphitic shear zone hosted in lower grade graphitic proto-gneiss.
was graphitic. Of course, the Cr-containing iron was completely carbidic - which was the goal.
The graphitic unit at the base of the Sheep Creek Member is a distinctive marker horizon along the northern limb of the targeted syncline representing an equivalent horizon to that hosting the high-grade WTF massive sulphide mineralisation, where the Inferred Mineral Resource for WTF1 stands at 6.7Mt at 6.2% zinc, 2.8% lead, 189 g/t silver and 1.1 g/t gold for a grade of 14.4% ZnEq2 .
In particular, a graphitic carbon shell is regarded as an ideal coating as it is light and shows high stability in both chemical and physical environments [8, 9].
Drilling results at Campoona Shaft from the February and April 2012 drilling campaigns confirmed that the graphitic-rich body consists of a discrete intense graphitic shear zone hosted in low grade graphitic proto-gneiss (high grade metamorphosed sediments).
The second production goal is to promote graphitic rather than carbidic solidification.