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Sasho Atanasov - Graphologist: In the graffiti, as well as in the ordinary handwriting, there are signs of the motor-writing habit that are sufficient to identify the person.
-- The writer is a Dubai-based adjunct lecturer, career advisor, business and leadership coach, graphologist and founder of Optimus Management Consultants
Whitchurch WI It was a wet and windy evening when our speaker Anne Cummins, a graphologist and emotional therapist came to our meeting.
Meanwhile, graphologist Tracey Trussell also talked about Markle's controversial letter and told ( Metro that it revealed the royal's romantic, passionate, and devoted side.
As part of her inquiries, Ms Giorgio sent the letter, the death certificate and two medical reports to a graphologist to examine.
Harsha Gala, Indian graphologist and counsellor, was recently in Muscat as a guest of the Indian Social Club's Kutchi Wing recently.
Marquez was a graphologist who wrote a daily column in the 1950s Evening News.
Graphologist Tracey Trussell says they can reveal a selfish side, if we are feeling pressured at work - or even the skeletons in our closets.
The writer is a coach, trainer and graphologist. Views expressed are his own and do not reflect the newspaper's policy.
Summary: Dubai graphologist shares the many applications and benefits of unique form of therapy
In Out of Context and '"His Insect-Like Handwriting,'" Daniel Balderston has unearthed the fascinating resonances between the Pierre Menard of Borges's story and a contemporary, eponymous psychoanalyst and graphologist. Among the noteworthy similarities in their style, Balderston points out that the historical Menard's method included tracing the handwriting of his analysand, blurring the lines between analysis and forgery (Out of Context 38).
Graphologist Koo Bon-jin said Kim's signature suggested an ambitious man who is "intuitive, rather than rational and logical".