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1. Any of various woody vines of the genus Vitis, bearing clusters of edible berries and widely cultivated in many species and varieties.
2. The fleshy, smooth-skinned, purple, red, or green berry of a grape, eaten raw or dried as a raisin and widely used in winemaking.
3. A dark violet to dark grayish purple.
4. Grapeshot.

[Middle English, from Old French, bunch of grapes, hook, of Germanic origin.]

grap·ey, grap·y adj.
grap′i·ness n.


or grap•ey

(ˈgreɪ pi)

adj. grap•i•er, grap•i•est.
1. of or like grapes.
2. tasting of grapes: a grapy wine.
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Adj.1.grapy - having a taste like that of grapes; "a grapey wine"
tasty - pleasing to the sense of taste; "a tasty morsel"
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Starting with 3-(diphenylmethyl)pentane-2,4-dione 3 (266 mg, 1.0 mmol) and 4-amino benzhydrazide 4b (151 mg, 1.0 mmol) following general procedure, title compound 5b was isolated as a colorless solid after silica gel column chromato- grapy (ethyl acetate/n-hexane =1:4).
Hydatidiform mole: A sour encounter with a grapy case.
Widespread nodulary appearance was found on lung grapy. Pa[O.sub.2]/ 2 ratio of the patient who was intubated was calculated to be 191.6.
The fresh grapy dryness, mineral notes and lemony tang of the wine enlivens the taste buds, making the oysters literally dance on the palate.