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Adj.1.Graspable - capable of being apprehended or understoodgraspable - capable of being apprehended or understood
comprehendible, comprehensible - capable of being comprehended or understood; "an idea comprehensible to the average mind"
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The novel is, at turns, disorienting and familiar, like entering a recurring dream with a vague expectation of something somehow graspable and the trepidation of encountering something unexpected.
It is graspable, not elusive, and with the right nurture and nourishment, it can thrive and increase to become a global reality.
"I wanted to find a very graspable form that would have the presence of something functional, like a tool, a hammer, say."
I'd describe the piece as a "scenic ambience" of an abandoned industrial space, built more on sonic planes and lines than singing melodies graspable in the traditional sense.
People are social, tribal animals, and belonging to some graspable corner of the human community can be really helpful.
"These products are able to collect user data through a variety of techniques that may not be easily graspable by a general user," Schmidt wrote in the paper's conclusion.
Paurom, however, shared that the professionals behind the CJCC go to great lengths in making these concepts graspable, such as constructing modules and applying them into situational and relatable cases.
Bredar, in sending the case to trial, rejected Rivello's argument he cannot be held civilly liable for Eichenwald's seizure because Rivello never touched him.<br />Bredar ruled Thursday conventional physical contact is not necessary to claim battery under Texas law, which applies in the case because Eichenwald, a Dallas resident, allegedly suffered the seizure in that state.<br />As alleged, the strobe contained in Rivello's message emitted light waves that touched Eichenwald's retina, generated an electric signal and caused the seizure, a result that can be discovered via an internet search.<br />Physical contact can be of such "an amorphous nature; it is not always accomplished by means of a solid, graspable object," Bredar wrote in his memorandum opinion.
His 2008 book Liberal Fascism had the virtue of simplicity: say what you will about its level of nuance, but the thesis ("actually, it's liberals who are the real Nazis") was readily graspable. Over the 450 pages of Suicide of the West, we are treated to, among other observations: Goldberg's theory of human nature, an explication of the moral framework of The Godfather, a history of Venetian nobility, and Goldberg's verdicts on films and television shows from Pleasantville ("execrable") to Mr.
From Australian trio The Necks (March 29), whose music -- the organizers say -- "defies any sort of graspable categorization," through French free-rock collective Oiseaux-Tempete (April 5) and British-Iraqi electronic musician, oudist and drummer Khyam Allami (April 6), to "a host of local favorites, both young and experienced, straddling the genres of electronica, post-rock and modern Middle Eastern forms." Among the local acts participating are Stress/Distress (March 29) -- a collaboration between one of the Beirut alternative scene's most respected and prolific musician-producers, Fadi Tabbal, and Anthony Sahyoun (aka Mme.
You're not the person down there doing it, but if you are into watching sports, as I am, and many other people are, then I think the concept is pretty easily graspable that you can watch people who are incredibly good at what they do doing it on TV, on the internet, or wherever.