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Adj.1.grass-covered - covered with grass; "wide grass-covered plains as far as the eye could see"
grassy - abounding in grass
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They came out on the village, situated on a small, upland plateau, grass-covered, and with only occasional trees.
Rounding the base of a large pile of grass-covered debris, we came suddenly upon the best preserved ruin we had yet discovered.
A hundred yards below the hole the stream ran out into open country, joining the main stream and flowing across rolling and grass-covered land.
But the slope grew more gradual, and its base was grass-covered. Here the cub lost momentum.
She led us first through the Adventure Centre an impressive building with a huge curved glass facade and a sloping, grass-covered roof.
During the dry season, folks here tell me, the grass-covered hills dry up and turn chocolate brown.
Nowhere else in Bahrain it is possible to hold a function that offers unrivalled panoramic views of grass-covered scenery and sparkling blue lakes.
The National Trust, English Heritage and government agency Historic England, welcomed "improvements" to the plans that increase the length of the tunnel with a grass-covered canopy at the western end.
This windswept archipelago is characterized by endless horizons, impressive natural spectacles, a harsh climate with constantly changing weather, colorful houses with grass-covered roofs, rainbows, countless sheep, and far fewer human beings.
After battling soggy feet in the morning dew, slippery worn out treads, and grass-covered socks, he searched for a better option - with no luck.
Among specific topics are effects of reduced nitrogen applications rates and soybean intercropping on sugarcane fields in southern China, non-point-source pollution control in integrated rice-frog agro-ecosystems, the structure and function of grass-covered orchards in Fujian Province, the status quo and development policies of organic agriculture in China, and ecological agriculture on arid sloped land in Yunnan's dry-hot valley.