or grass-fed  (grăs′fĕd′)
1. Having been fed since weaning primarily on grasses and other forage plants rather than on grains. Used of domestic ruminant animals such as cattle or sheep.
2. Relating to or derived from such an animal or animals: grassfed steak.
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Eating meat, eggs and dairy products from grassfed animals will give you healthy fats in better proportions. GrassFed, Quality Genetics, More Meat, Less Feed.
USDA Certified Organic or American Grassfed Certified: Use of antibiotics prohibited.
Look for a comprehensive grass-fed label from the American Grassfed Association in the coming months.
Grassfed, hormone-free, non- GMO certified, humanely raised, organic--those are the growth areas in the meat sector," says Lenny Lebovich, CEO of Pre Brands in Chicago.
The core of Stoney Acres Farm includes a 20-week CSA vegetable operation, along with everything from grassfed beef to organic grains and maple syrup.
Bryan Welch is the publisher of MOTHER EARTH NEWS and lives on a 50-acre farm outside of Lawrence, Kan., where he and his wife, Carolyn, have a large garden, 40 free-range chickens and grassfed cattle, goats and sheep.
"Grassfed is perceived by consumers as better for the animals, better quality, natural and flavorful.
He raises grassfed beef and free-range chickens, and is a routine exhibitor and workshop presenter at our MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIRS.
"She came with her little booklet Why Grassfed is Best and she started a riot," he says.
A family in the Midwest might cook up grilled grassfed beef burgers and thick-cut steak fries, while a plate of fried chicken and okra is more common in the South.