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1. Appreciative of benefits received; thankful: I'm grateful for your help.
2. Expressing gratitude: a grateful look.
3. Affording pleasure or comfort; agreeable: grateful relief from the hot sun.

[From obsolete grate, pleasing, from Latin grātus; see gwerə- in Indo-European roots.]

grate′ful·ly adv.
grate′ful·ness n.
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Noun1.gratefulness - warm friendly feelings of gratitudegratefulness - warm friendly feelings of gratitude
gratitude - a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation; "he was overwhelmed with gratitude for their help"




n. gratitud.
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Tom got more cuffs and kisses that day -- according to Aunt Polly's varying moods -- than he had earned before in a year; and he hardly knew which expressed the most gratefulness to God and affection for himself.
He drank until his sun-shrunken sides stood out like the walls of a balloon, although longer were the intervals from the drinking in which, with his tongue of gratefulness, he spoke against the black skin of Lamai's hand.
The artist prefers a hilly country because it is picturesque; the engineer a flat one because it is convenient; the man of pleasure likes what he calls "a fine woman"--she suits him; the fashionable young gentleman admires the fashionable young lady--she is of his kind; the toil-worn, fagged, probably irritable tutor, blind almost to beauty, insensible to airs and graces, glories chiefly in certain mental qualities: application, love of knowledge, natural capacity, docility, truthfulness, gratefulness, are the charms that attract his notice and win his regard.
After that, while the audience clapped and stamped its approval and delight of the dog Caruso, Jacob Henderson would appear on the stage, bowing and smiling in stereotyped gladness and gratefulness, rest his right hand on Michael's shoulders with a play-acted assumption of comradeliness, whereupon both Henderson and Michael would bow ere the final curtain went down.
Fear and depression vanished from the man's manner, and gratefulness and a brave animation took their place:
He, in turn, realized what she had done, and in the consequent warm surge of gratefulness that overwhelmed him forgot his loose-worded tongue.
the actress asked supporters, expressing her gratefulness to those who stream via proper channels.
Rahmatullah Khan Wazir, speaking on the occasion, expressed his gratefulness to God for enabling him to complete a remarkable phase of his life with dignity and pride and spoke profusely of the enabling and equally challenging work environment in which he shouldered his multifarious responsibilities in various positions in FBR.
During the meeting, the minister expressed his gratefulness to the Japanese government for their continued support to develop the socioeconomic condition of Bangladesh.
They expressed gratefulness for having received the hampers from the President.
honoured and filled with such gratefulness to IFFI and the extremely endearing words by Akshay Kumar, Karan, and the dignitaries .
They also voiced their pride and appreciation of such a well-deserved honor which came as a gesture of gratefulness and appreciation by the international community for Kuwait and His Highness' significant contributions in the humanitarian action.