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Adv.1.gratingly - in a harsh and grating manner; "her voice fell gratingly on our ears"
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I heard him clear gratingly his parched throat, and became all attention.
Only at those moments when Shawn asserts the practical necessity for using brute force does his usually elfin voice deepen to an unsteady baritone and a butch gravitas replace his gratingly ingratiating demeanor.
She doesn't veer towards being gratingly chirpy, despite being a go-getter reporter with a nose for news.
Tonally all over the map, the script presumably went through so many revisions it lost both cohesion and bite, while the gratingly melodramatic score kills any genuine feeling.
In most cases, the impeccably-dressed woman is gratingly chirpy and the man is prone to making grand declarations of love while breaking out into a song or two.
Programmatic or not, the work's thundering majesty can sound gratingly dated to 21st century ears but this account avoided pomposity entirely, conductor Tadaaki Otaka directing simple, dignified statements of the big theme and unleashing controlled bursts of wildness into the opening movement.
But as the industry transitions from silent films to talking pictures, Lamont slowly realizes that her gratingly high voice is a handicap.
After stirring controversy at home, Chinese auteur Lou Ye tackles a fresh setting while retaining his gratingly pessimistic view of human relations in the mostly Paris-set "Love and Bruises." A raw, jagged, in-your-face study of the self-destructive bond between two lost souls, this intensely acted but emotionally unrevealing angst-fest is hellbent on answering a question few were asking to begin with, proving it takes more than rough, feral sex to bridge cultural chasms between individuals.
Nonetheless, the US president's words will have sounded gratingly self-centred to non-American ears.
But while best actor winner Echo (in Dan Villegas' #Walang Forever) is indubitably memorable as Ethan, a cancer-stricken app developer who's head over heels in love with his rom-com writer fiancee, Mia (Jennylyn Mercado), he's hobbled by his film's rambling exposition and its gratingly pa-kwela supporting cast-a case of the spices taking over the main ingredient.
A protege of Andrei Tarkovsky-who got the thoroughly out-of-favor young director his first job, at Lenflim Studio-Sokurov was both maximalist in technique and gratingly avant-garde, from his earliest feature film, The Lonely Voice of Man (1978/87), through the 1988 Days of Eclipse.
The latter used the ousting of the manager as an opportunity to dust off accusations which have become gratingly familiar to the board over the years; that they don't equip their manager with sufficient cash in the transfer market and that they lack ambition.