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 (grăch′ə-lāt′) Archaic
tr.v. grat·u·lat·ed, grat·u·lat·ing, grat·u·lates
To congratulate.

[Latin grātulārī, grātulāt-, from grātārī, to rejoice with, from grātus, pleasing; see grateful.]

grat′u·la′tion n.
grat′u·la·to′ry (-lə-tôr′ē) adj.
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References in classic literature ?
The old man welcomed them once more to his village with his usual cordiality, and his respectable squaw and hopeful son, cherishing grateful recollections of the hatchet and ear-bobs, joined in a chorus of friendly gratulation.
Shortly after, there was a prodigious cackling and gratulation of Chanticleer and all his family, including the wizened chicken, who appeared to understand the matter quite as well as did his sire, his mother, or his aunt.
To the Nuptial Bowre I led her blushing like the Morn: all Heav'n, And happie Constellations on that houre Shed thir selectest influence; the Earth Gave sign of gratulation, and each Hill; Joyous the Birds; fresh Gales and gentle Aires Whisper'd it to the Woods, and from thir wings Flung Rose, flung Odours from the spicie Shrub, Disporting, till the amorous Bird of Night Sung Spousal, and bid haste the Eevning Starr On his Hill top, to light the bridal Lamp.
Soon after came their children, and their grand-children; for they knew well enough that it was the day of the fiftieth anniversary, and had come with their gratulations that very morning; but the old people had forgotten it, although they were able to remember all that had happened many years ago.
So intent were they upon their gratulations that they entirely failed to note the silent passage of the man-beast above their heads, nor did Tantor, either, see or hear him, even though Tarzan called to him to stop.
certaine persons which enjoy all the comfortes of this life whatsoever wealth can procure, and whatsoever friendship offereth of kindnes, and whatsoever security may assure them: yet to be overwhelmed with heavines, and dismaide with such feare, as they can neither receive consolation, nor hope of assurance, notwithstanding ther be neither matter of feare, or discontentment, nor yet cause of daunger, but contrarily of great comfort, and gratulation [....] being not moued by any aduersity present or imminent [....] (90) Even Henry's outward manifestation of simplicity and humility by preferring to dress austerely in "wholly black, rejecting expressly all curious fashion of clothing" (Blacman 36) is reminiscent not only of Hamlet's "nighted colour" (Ham.
Not Leicester's self, When to the hall of princely Kenilworth He led Elizabeth, exulted more With inward gratulation at the show Of his own proud magnificence, than I, When full in view of mine arranged feast, I held awhile my pleased companion back, Exacting wonder--admiration, praise With pointing finger, and triumphant "There!" (2144-2156) Despite the fairytale imagery of grots and caves, the little girl does not fashion herself as a princess, or a fairy.
(15) Barnes also printed Skeltonicall Salutation, or Condigne Gratulation | And Just Vexation | Of the Spanish Nation, | That in a Bravado, | Spent Many a Crusado | In Setting Forth an Armado | England to Invado (Oxford, 1589), anonymous lines that condemn the 'factione Guisiana' and, like De caede, pun on 'Medicis' [Catherine de] Medicis and as 'doctor', the 'Chirugis avaris' (sig.
1, 11 (1862) ("[Y]et, in the end, all must regard as matter of pride and gratulation, that in this state, no one, not even the worst of felons, can be denied the right to simple justice.").
From groves of oak, whose branches hoar Have heard primeval tempests roar; Beneath the moon's pale ray they pass Along the shore's unbending grass, And songs of gratulation raise, To speak a patriot monarch's praise." In another page he says,--
The text was translated by Thomas Hoby (1530-1566), an Elizabethan diplomatist who (possibly in a more sober mood) also translated The Gratulation ofM Bucer ...