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Precipitation consisting of snow pellets.

[German Graupel, diminutive of Graupe, hulled grain, probably of Slavic origin; akin to Russian krupa, groats.]
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(Physical Geography) soft hail or snow pellets
[German, from Graupe, probably from Serbo-Croat krupa; related to Russian krupá peeled grain]
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The inrush of warm air gives way to downdrafts laden with precipitation, which can often contain ice, graupel and hail.
Reflectivity (top left) is proportional to how much power is backscattered from solids such as rain drops, graupel, and ice.
Hydrometeor mixing ratio and number concentration for graupel, hail, ice crystals, aggregates, rain, drizzle, and cloud droplets are used in the simulator along with state variables of pressure, temperature, and water vapor at all vertical levels.
Although the temperature hovered between 1 and 2 degrees last night, Hehuanshan only saw graupel, which later turned into rain.
Weather conditions were "Pennsylvania Winter," meaning that while at the range for just under an hour, the PC Carbine and I experienced rain, snow, sleet, graupel (big sleet), and hail Don't like it?
Model aspect Setting Arakawa C grid [1] Three grids Horizontal grid: grid 1: [increment of x] = [increment of y] = 36 km; 150 x 64 points Grid grid 2: [increment of x] = [increment of y] = 12 km; 122 x 101 points grid 3: [increment of x] = [increment of y] = 3 km; 210 x 170 points Vertical grid: Az variable (75 m at the surface; m[increment of x]imum of 800 m) 35 vertical levels Model top: ~20km 10 levels below 1 km Initialization 1[degrees] GFS data Soil data initialized with 32 km NARR analyses [12] Time step 30 s Simulation duration 10 days for each case study Two-moment bin-emulating microphysics [13- 15] Microphysics scheme Water species: vapor, cloud1 and cloud2 cloud drops, rain, pristine ice, snow, aggregates, graupel, and hail DeMott et al.
Deep in the earth, the protagonist goes through an erotic therapy conducted by "Gotthard nurses," leading to an outburst of suppressed feelings: "That was it for me, and I cried nothing but water, the onset of a thawing of rigid graupel granuloma stemming from my mother's coldness" (Burger 1982: 222).
There is also something meteorologists call "graupel." These are small ice pellets similar to sleet, but they start out frozen rather than liquid.
I'll say graupel, when I mean I've spooned from his
It was a thing called graupel - a soft kind of hail which forms when microscopic snowflakes get covered in supercooled water particles, which themselves then freeze to form these very soft balls of ice which people confuse with snow.
Some of the sleet and snow fell as graupel - a very unusual type of snow.