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grave 1

a. An excavation for the interment of a corpse.
b. A place of burial.
2. Death or extinction: faced the grave with calm resignation.

[Middle English, from Old English græf; see ghrebh- in Indo-European roots.]

grave 2

adj. grav·er, grav·est
1. Requiring serious thought; momentous: a grave decision in a time of crisis.
2. Fraught with danger or harm: a grave wound.
3. Dignified and somber in conduct or character: a grave procession. See Synonyms at serious.
4. Somber or dark in hue.
5. (also gräv) Linguistics
a. Written with or modified by the mark ( ` ), as the è in Sèvres.
b. Of or referring to a phonetic feature that distinguishes sounds produced at the periphery of the vocal tract, as in labial and velar consonants and back vowels.
n. (also gräv)

[French, from Old French, from Latin gravis; see gwerə- in Indo-European roots.]

grave′ly adv.
grave′ness n.

grave 3

tr.v. graved, grav·en (grā′vən) or graved, grav·ing, graves
1. To sculpt or carve; engrave.
2. To stamp or impress deeply; fix permanently.

[Middle English graven, from Old English grafan; see ghrebh- in Indo-European roots.]

grave 4

tr.v. graved, grav·ing, graves
To clean and coat (the bottom of a wooden ship) with pitch.

[Middle English graven.]

gra·ve 5

adv. & adj. Music
In a slow and solemn manner. Used chiefly as a direction.

[Italian, from Latin gravis, heavy; see grave2.]
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Noun1.graveness - a manner that is serious and solemn
serious-mindedness, earnestness, seriousness, sincerity - the trait of being serious; "a lack of solemnity is not necessarily a lack of seriousness"- Robert Rice
stodginess, stuffiness - dull and pompous gravity


1. The condition of being grave and of involving serious consequences:
2. High seriousness of manner or bearing:


[ˈgreɪvnɪs] Ngravedad f


[ˈgreɪvnɪs] ngravità, serietà
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Jones and Partisan James Roberts in a timely manner, and considering its magnitude and graveness consistent with the party's strong commitment to the rule of law, good governance and democracy, the National Executive Committee of the Movement for Economic Empowerment, which is the highest decision making body in the absence of National Convention, convened on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 an emergency session to discuss this matter and complaint filed by Partisan James Roberts.
A public health emergency declaration would be a monumental step toward acknowledging the graveness of this issue and the importance of taking an all hands on approach to addressing this crisis.
Taking into account the graveness of the problem, I have recently written a post (on social networking sites) about my plan to hold a symposium for parents to raise awareness and warn them about the negative impacts of such devices and how work out solutions and create alternatives," he told KUNA.
On the other hand the capital police has put the case of Adil Farooq into the cold storage, whereas the unidentified caller had informed the Secretary about the graveness of the matter .
But even in this the party was a bit cautious by not spelling out a firm line of action to be taken against Gaikwad and on the question why he had been treated rather leniently considering the graveness of his act.
Depending on the graveness of the customer's situation, they also perform rituals (gut) to interact with the spiritual world, which sometimes involve necromancy through spirit possession.
As someone who understands theatre intimately, and has watched how poorly my nation seems to understand it, I cannot underestimate the graveness of this threat.
Considering the graveness of the matter, the reclamation of saline/sodic lands and their profitable exploitation has been the subject of interest (Qadir et al.
The differences between the UAE and Saudi Arabia in Yemen have increased in recent months to such levels of graveness that Emirati fighter jets targeted the positions of pro-Saudi camp in al-Hawtah city in Lahij province.
The government is fully aware of the seriousness and graveness of the recent incident in Okinawa; and considering the feelings of the people, Prime Minister Abe will seek strict measures from President Obama," said Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga.
Radio plays some music, but music of the funereal sort, doubtless meant to heighten the sense of graveness in the air.