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Carrying developing young or eggs: a gravid uterus; a gravid female.

[Latin gravidus, from gravis, heavy; see gwerə- in Indo-European roots.]

gra·vid′i·ty (grə-vĭd′ĭ-tē), grav′id·ness n.
grav′id·ly adv.


(Gynaecology & Obstetrics) the technical word for pregnant
[C16: from Latin gravidus, from gravis heavy]
graˈvidity, ˈgravidness n
ˈgravidly adv


(ˈgræv ɪd)

[1590–1600; < Latin gravidus=grav(is) burdened, loaded + -idus -id4]
gra•vid•i•ty (grəˈvɪd ɪ ti) grav′id•ness, n.
grav′id•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.gravid - in an advanced stage of pregnancygravid - in an advanced stage of pregnancy; "was big with child"; "was great with child"
pregnant - carrying developing offspring within the body or being about to produce new life


Carrying a developing fetus within the uterus:
Slang: gone.
Archaic: great.
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Prevalence of UTI in Pregnant Women in Relation to Gravid Gravidity Number Number Positive Examined Positive % Primi gravid 36 9 9.
Last year the autumn run did not materialise and beats were full of gravid fish.
In April 2016, we used first-stage larvae (LI) from gravid D.
Demand for MCs is especially high in China, where such crabs, especially the gravid females, are regarded a delicacy.
Often, intra-abdominal pathology in pregnancy can be masked by maternal physiologic and anatomic changes including leukocytosis, displacement of abdominal organs by a gravid uterus, nausea and vomiting, and a difficult physical exam.
Gravid cock fish or stockies do tend to grab at a quickly retrieved lure.
Therefore, Mexico devotes a great amount of resources to proactive human case identification, and mosquito extermination, using chemicals and ovi-traps, rather than monitoring species abundance and incidence with gravid traps, like the surveillance program analyzed by this study.
Both fish were gravid females, and telemetric and recapture data indicated that one fish spawned in the Potomac River (Kynard et al.
All the patients were examined in respect of demographic characteristics, time since the surgical intervention, reason for the surgical intervention, gravid, type of birth, type of operation (B-Lynch, hypogastric artery ligation, total or subtotal hysterectomy), complications, intensive care rates, infant mortality rates and blood product transfusion rates.
Local county mosquito control staff, health department personnel, and health department interns were tasked with operating CDC Gravid Traps (see photo at bottom right) at the selected sites from approximately June 1-September 15 each year.
The collected sand flies were examined to study different physiological status regarding immature stages of male and blood fed/half fed and gravid/semi gravid females.
Tenders are invited for provide expertise and laboratory capabilities to assess the fecundity and health of gravid female giant gartersnakes collected at eight sites in the sacramento valley.