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Carrying developing young or eggs: a gravid uterus; a gravid female.

[Latin gravidus, from gravis, heavy; see gwerə- in Indo-European roots.]

gra·vid′i·ty (grə-vĭd′ĭ-tē), grav′id·ness n.
grav′id·ly adv.


(Gynaecology & Obstetrics) the technical word for pregnant
[C16: from Latin gravidus, from gravis heavy]
graˈvidity, ˈgravidness n
ˈgravidly adv


(ˈgræv ɪd)

[1590–1600; < Latin gravidus=grav(is) burdened, loaded + -idus -id4]
gra•vid•i•ty (grəˈvɪd ɪ ti) grav′id•ness, n.
grav′id•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.gravid - in an advanced stage of pregnancygravid - in an advanced stage of pregnancy; "was big with child"; "was great with child"
pregnant - carrying developing offspring within the body or being about to produce new life


Carrying a developing fetus within the uterus:
Slang: gone.
Archaic: great.
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Many had tended to swell through years of good eating to a gravid corpulence.
[USA], July 28 (ANI): A disease control centre developed an Autocidal Gravid Ovitrap (AGO trap) that attracts and captures female mosquitoes looking for a site to lay eggs.
Also, during the quarter there was a new product concept launched in the Nordic market, adapted for consumers of all ages, with the products Probi Baby, Probi Gravid, Probi Family and Probi Active 50+.
By the time the infected larvae have developed into adult ants, the nematodes have hatched and mated, and the ants' gasters (abdomens) are full of gravid female nematodes.
Short branches (< 5 cm) containing gravid females were placed inside Petri dishes (9 cm diam) and monitored for the presence of eggs.
Table 3 shows anemia was assessed for association with various factors such as age at first pregnancy, gravid status, spacing between the pregnancies, types of diet and utilization of ICDS services, and other sociodemographic variables.
Two Eastern Long Neck turtles came to us this week after suffering severe injuries after being hit by cars, they were both gravid which means they had eggs within their reproductive tracts.Tragically neither were able to be saved, but after they were humanely euthanized our amazing team carefully removed the eggs so that they could be incubated.
Peritoneal findings may be less prominent than in non-pregnant women, because the gravid uterus lifts and stretches the anterior abdominal wall away from the inflamed appendix.
And so like gravid salmon, many of us will be making our way back to our respective hometowns to cast ballots that not only determine who represents us in Parliament but perhaps the direction our country will take for the next five years.
more exquisite [right arrow] Bay of gravid cattle, of kine, the
Incarcerated gravid uterus is a rare complication of pregnancy where a uterus in retroversion fails to ascend into the abdominal cavity [1].
Renal ultrasound was therefore performed, and it revealed right ureteral tapering between the gravid uterus and right iliac artery with no right ureteral jet visualized.