gravid uterus

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grav·id u·ter·us

n. útero grávido, condición del útero durante el embarazo.
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Cephalad spread of local anesthetic in the cerebrospinal fluid and compression of the aorta/vena cava by the gravid uterus usually contribute to hypotension, and are influenced by the participants' position during and just after the administration of spinal anesthesia.
Thus, the mechanical effects of gravid uterus cause relatively little change in pulmonary mechanics.
But after that, the lateral decubitus position is best because it keeps the gravid uterus from compressing the great vessels.
Often, intra-abdominal pathology in pregnancy can be masked by maternal physiologic and anatomic changes including leukocytosis, displacement of abdominal organs by a gravid uterus, nausea and vomiting, and a difficult physical exam.
Abdominal examination revealed a gravid uterus at around 31 weeks of gestation, mild epigastric tenderness, and mass from midline to right flank.
Pressure from the growing fetus and gravid uterus ranges from mild to moderate reduction in venous return and concomitant increase in lower extremity venous pressures.
2kg) may have caused mechanical interference with pyloric drainage and intestinal flow, resulting in the necropsy findings of slight abomasal impaction and mucus in the large bowel, since the gravid uterus and the masses may have pushed the abomasum cranially and may have interfered with physiological motility, resulting in a partial obstruction (CAMARA et al.
Present case report is about very rare condition of gravid uterus herniation into the thoracic cavity and right sided heart displacment in a three year old queen.
9) Our management is dictated by the patient's fertility plans, since there is concern that cesarean scar defect in a gravid uterus presents a risk for uterine rupture.
Moreover, this obliteration may be a direct outcome of surgical endometrial lesions of a gravid uterus such as uterine curettage, placental products depletion in the postpartum period, cesarean section or uterine devascularization in cases of severe postpartum hemorrhage (2-4).
This paper presents case of left unilateral ventral hernia of gravid uterus in a crossbred cow (Bos taurus).
The increase in the circulating blood volume in pregnancy and the reduced space in the peritoneal cavity as a result of the expansion of the gravid uterus may make the spleen more fragile, and therefore more susceptible to rupture.