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1. Of or relating to measurement by weight.
2. Of or relating to measurement of a gravitational field.

[From gravimetry, measurement of specific gravity, from gravimeter.]

grav′i·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
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(ˌɡrævɪˈmɛtrɪk) or


(Chemistry) of, concerned with, or using measurement by weight. Compare volumetric
ˌgraviˈmetrically adv
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Adj.1.gravimetric - of or relating to hydrometry
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The samples were measured using CMM (Legex 322, Mitutoyo, UK) with known wear volume determined using gravimetric analysis.
These gravimetric Batchmix dosing units are suitable for supplying multi-component mixtures to both injection moulding machines and extruders.
Further gravimetric quasigeoid models were calculated using technique "remove-compute-restore" according to the formula
"Gravimetric metering holds color-delivery tolerance to within 0.1%, preventing over-coloring and making it possible to reduce costs while maintaining target color levels.
Dosing and balance technology has evolved to such a degree that gravimetric weighing--even for very small quantities--can promote greater accuracy, safety and cost-effective sample preparation on an ongoing basis than even the most consistent human operator using volumetric methods.
With the addition of hardware and software for the control of the extruder output, the material blending and full gravimetric extrusion control were integrated into one system.
To evaluate the measurement performance of the sensor, the capacitance was measured as the gravimetric water content of the soil was increased from 0 to 28% given the use of saline solutions with NaCl concentrations of 0.000 M, 0.125 M, and 0.250 M (Electrical Conductivity, EC: 17.3 dS/m).
A great emphasis was laid on the gathering and inclusion in the geoid calculations of gravimetric data.
This allows the machine to more swiftly dispense the color at accuracy measurements never seen before in gravimetric dispense systems with unmatched repeatability."
What is the gravimetric water content (%wt) of a moist soil sample weighing 80g, which has a weight of 65g after oven drying?
T 701 pm-01 "Gravimetric method for measuring dewatering of coating colors (Abo-Akademi-type method)" (September 6, 2005)