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1. Physics
a. The natural phenomenon of attraction between physical objects with mass or energy; the weakest of the four fundamental forces of nature. Also called gravity.
b. The act or process of moving under the influence of this attraction.
2. A movement toward a source of attraction: the gravitation of the middle classes to the suburbs.

grav′i·ta′tion·al adj.
grav′i·ta′tion·al·ly adv.
grav′i·ta′tive adj.
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Adv.1.gravitationally - with respect to gravitation; "gravitationally strong forces"
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Werner, "Observation of gravitationally induced quantum interference," Physical Review Letters, vol.
Every so often, one will be gravitationally bumped out from the cloud and begin a long solo orbit around the sun.
Yep, Cheryl, Rosie, Geri, Gwyneth and other perfectly-formed clothes horses are all sporting cut away dresses that leave no room for support for those of us who are gravitationally challenged in that department.
"That was a great metaphor for me because I was interested in the idea that one of the ways that astronomers were looking for other planetary systems was to look out into space, and they oftentimes could not see the star that was the center of the solar system, but they could see a planet, or some bit of a planet, that was orbiting around something and was being influenced gravitationally by something bigger than itself that the astronomer couldn't see."
In 2005 it was proposed that the ring was being gravitationally modified by a planet lying between the star and the ring's inner edge.
"Ifwe confirmthat this object is indeed gravitationally tied to the star, it will be a major step forward."
Some astronomers have been calling for the planet Pluto to be recategorized as an asteroid, despite the fact that it has a gravitationally determined shape, an atmosphere, and one or, possibly, three moons--the combination of which would make it unique among asteroids.
This internal release can also be easily dry tumbled, gravitationally fed or compounded directly into the resin to make a masterbatch.
For gravitationally bent paths we use the straightforward definition 1/[lambda] = total wall collision rate N[nu] divided by the volume-integrated UCN flux [PHI] in the trap (see Sec.
The additive can be dry-blended, gravitationally fed, or metered at the throat of molding or extrusion equipment.
If the mass changes appreciably, a planet could possibly reach its escape velocity, thus leaving us with planets that are no longer gravitationally bound.