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n. pl. grav·i·ti·nos
A hypothetical particle postulated in supersymmetry theory to be the fermion related to the graviton.

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n, pl -nos
(General Physics) physics a hypothetical subatomic particle, being the counterpart of a graviton and having a spin of 3/2
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Cembranos, "Gravitino and Axino SuperWIMPs," AIP Conf.
Theoretical physicists view gravity as having superpartner "gravitino," which carries its force throughout the world and Universe, electromagnetism the "photino", the weak nuclear force the "wino" and "zino", and the strong nuclear force the "gluino".
Il fatto che le informatrici gravitino nell'area dell'associazionismo regionale piemontese comporta, infatti, che le fonti della ricerca non siano state tratte dalla piu vasta comunita italo-argentina, bensi da un suo sottoinsieme nel quale e proprio l'identita piemontese a rappresentare l'elemento caratterizzante.
The photon would be joined by the photino, the graviton by the gravitino, the gluon by the gluino, and the W and Z vector bosons (how I love those guys!) by the wino and zino.
For instance, one exotic candidate dark-matter particle, the gravitino (the supersymmetric partner of the graviton, which carries the gravitational force), may interact so weakly that it hardly annihilates at all.
To conclude, we would like to point out that that all our treatment has been restricted to the purely bosonic sector of 11-dimensional supergravity, whose on-shell multiplet, besides the metric tensor and the 3-form gauge potential, includes the gravitino field.
Among the supersymmetric candidates for dark matter, the least massive is the gravitino, superpartner to the graviton.
Langfelder, "Massive gravitino propagator in maximally symmetric spaces and fermions in dS/CFT," Journal of High Energy Physics, vol.
The motivations for spin-3/2 particles come from two different scenarios; spin-3/2 leptons appear in composite models [9-13] and a spin-3/2 gravitino is the superpartner of graviton in supergravity [14].
In the context of LR intermediate scales in SUSY SO(10), this mechanism has been applied to study coupling unification and leptogenesis [172-174] under gravitino constraint.
Moreover, this scheme ensures naturally a low enough reheating temperature, potentially consistent with the gravitino constraint [29, 62, 63] if connected with a version of the Minimal SUSY Standard Model (MSSM).