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The massless, neutral gauge boson postulated to mediate the gravitational interaction; the quantum of gravitational energy.


(General Physics) a postulated quantum of gravitational energy, usually considered to be a particle with zero charge and rest mass and a spin of 2. Compare photon


(ˈgræv ɪˌtɒn)

the theoretical quantum of gravitation with a zero rest mass and charge and a spin of two.
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Noun1.graviton - a gauge boson that mediates the (extremely weak) gravitational interactions between particles
gauge boson - a particle that mediates the interaction of two elementary particles
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* AWS announced two custom chips: AWS Inferentia and AWS Graviton. AWS Inferentia is a high performance machine learning inference chip, custom designed by AWS, to help customers improve performance and lower the cost of running their inference workloads.
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There are many possible solutions proposed, but almost all of them suppose the existence of the graviton. The graviton should have the same energy relation as the photon:
Because only a graviton particle can exist inside the bulk in this model, the other particles of the standard model are in the braneworld.
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Four fundamental forces (Electromagnetic, Weak, Strong and Gravity) acting through corresponding quantum particles known as gauge bosons (photon for electromagnetic, W and Z particles for weak force, gluon for strong force and yet to be discovered illusive graviton for the force of gravity) together are the cause of actions that shape and govern the universe.
La tesis que Penrose avanza en estas obras para dar cuenta de la mente consciente es la siguiente: ante un estado de superposicion cuantica, el mismo espacio-tiempo permanece en un estado de indefinicion cuantica hasta que se establece una diferencia de energia superior al quantum de gravedad (el graviton) (20).
Still other theories propose that the possible new particle is a graviton, which is believed to transmit the force of gravity.