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Raw, thinly sliced, cured salmon seasoned with dill and served usually as an appetizer.

[Swedish : grava, to bury (from the original process of curing it in the ground); see ghrebh- in Indo-European roots + lax, salmon; see laks- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈɡrævˌlæks) or


(Cookery) dry-cured salmon, marinated in salt, sugar, and spices, as served in Scandinavia
[C20: from Norwegian, from grav grave (because the salmon is left to ferment) + laks or Swedish lax salmon]


(ˈgrɑv lɑks)

boned salmon cured in sugar, salt, pepper, and dill.
[1960–65; < Swedish]


A dry-cured salmon, marinated in sugar, salt and spices. Used in Scandinavian cuisine.
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As a testament to it, visit any IKEA store you will find: among the Billy book shelf, Swedish meatballs, gravlax and the Swedish blue and yellow colours, the sales staff all have name tags with their name and the languages they speak.
The spreads come in several variants: Smoked Milk Fish (tinapang bangus, Australian cream cheese, roasted garlic); Gravlax with Capers (Atlantic salmon cured in dill, pureed with remoulade, capers, and Australian cream cheese); Spicy Sardines in Olive Oil (homemade whitefish sardines with dill, pickles, carrots, garlic, chili and peppercorn, pureed with extra virgin olive oil); Chicken Liver Pate (freshly cooked chicken liver and butter with selected herbs and spices); Mushroom (fresh shiitake mushrooms, butter, Australian cream cheese).
Over 60 awards were presented to winning independent filmmakers at Gravlax in Culver City.
The expertly crafted dishes include Pre-Sliced Smoked Salmon, Tender-Loin Smoked Salmon and Chilled Salmon Gravlax, in addition to an Atlantic Salmon Fillet option.
Tin Pan Bakery offers knishes, while The Purple House serves up smoked salmon, gravlax, and whitefish caviar on Montreal-style bagels.
The menu features dishes including gravlax made in house, duck rillettes on homemade bread and zaru soba dressed with chukka wakame and black sesame.
Traditional in cuisines around the world, dill enhances a variety of dishes, from Norwegian gravlax and Mediterranean tzatziki to a good old American burger.
That includes cold-smoked salmon, including non-smoked cured forms like Gravlax, hot-smoked salmon and trout, caviar, pickled herring and salmon candy.
Octopus carpaccio, salmon gravlax and smoked fish with fennel and mandarin are some of the highlights of the evening.
His candied beetroot, a dead ringer for gravlax, elevates the underappreciated taproot to gemstone status, so precious you'd expect to see it on a pedestal protected by bulletproof glass.
Made by large-scale co-operative Araldica, Marks and Spencer's Piemonte Chardonnay 2014 is a fresh, light, unoaked version perfect for a fish lunch - I had mine with gravlax and salad.
Celebrate Christmas the Cafe Rouge way and discover traditional French-inspired dinner and brunch menus featuring festive favourites like warm fig and goats' cheese salad, gravlax of Atlantic salmon with horseradish creme fraiche and chestnut stuffed roast turkey.