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Noun1.gray catbird - North American songbird whose call resembles a cat's mewinggray catbird - North American songbird whose call resembles a cat's mewing
oscine, oscine bird - passerine bird having specialized vocal apparatus
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A partial list of birds enjoying a midsummer meal of mulberries would include American robin, gray catbird, wood duck, Baltimore oriole, northern cardinal, cedar waxwing, plus red-bellied and redheaded woodpeckers.
Day with Common Name Taxon Contact Taxa Not Detected Contacting Bone Birds Great blue heron Ardea herodias 0 Gray catbird Dumetella carolinensis 0 Common yellowthroat Geothlypis trichas 0 Black-capped chickadee Poecile atricapillus 0 Common grackle cf.
It was positively related to occupancy in Northern cardinal and American robin (Turdus migratorius) and negatively related to gray catbird (Dutnetella carolinensis) occupancy.
It's been a long time since a new British bird was found in North Wales, the last being a Gray Catbird at RSPB South Stack in October 2001.
I recall my father saying, "There's a catbird." I didn't see anything, and he said he didn't either, but he could "tell by the mewing sound it makes." I spent years imagining a flying cat, until I finally saw a picture of a gray catbird.
All other hosts with >10 individuals tested, including opossums, gray and red squirrels, and all 4 species of birds tested (veery [Catharus fuscescens], gray catbird [Dumetella carolinensis], wood thrush [Hylocichia mustelina], and American robin), had mean levels of reservoir competence <6%.
remains collisions with buildings, windows and towers." Like his gray catbird study, he is wrong.
The Gray Catbird (Dumatella carolinensis) is an example of a
For example, squirrels and birds, such as the robin, Northern bobwhite quail, gray catbird, Eastern kingbird and the great crested flycatcher, savor the ripe berries in autumn.
The call of the gray catbird in America sounds like a mewing eat, while the unrelated catbirds in Australia sound like alley eats in heat.
Eight species possessed greater spring ECI values and two species (Gray Catbird and Warbling Vireo) exhibited a significantly greater fall ECI.
The Gray Catbird, a native of north America and a member of the thrush family, was last sighted off Jersey in the early 1970s.