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When discounted products are diverted to the gray market, the OEM gets nothing back from discounting its products except reduced revenue.
Apparently, gray market dealers are charging much smaller premiums for the 10th anniversary iPhone and this could be indicative of the low demand for the device in the asian country.
The serialization system consists of an AuthentiTrack database for generating and managing all serial numbers, including all events associated with that bar code; a packaging line serialization system to print and verify bar codes on each level of packaging; and a downstream supply chain traceability system to track products and detect incidents of gray market diversion.
LifeScan Inc., manufacturer of the OneTouch blood glucose monitoring systems, announced three settlements with distributors of gray market OneTouch test strips that resulted in permanent injunctions and damages of $8 million, bringing LifeScan's total to $29 million collected from counterfeiters and diverters.
For example, when unauthorized resellers falsely advertise and associate branded products of original manufacturers by offering product amenities, such as rebates, warranties, special programs and the like that such gray market resellers have no authority to offer or are incapable of delivering.
But in health care, this gray market has two problems: First, many people are morally troubled by the dramatic increase in price that prescription drug gray markets produce.
In India the gray market has more vast opportunities but the big brands are taking more steps to curb this menace.
Keywords: gray market, parallel trade, trade diversion
Gray market growers and dealers have little of the risk that black market producers do, and they don't pay taxes on their product.
Unfortunately, failing to have a brand strategy in place well before product ever ships can be an open invitation for opportunists or unprincipled competitors to begin registering trademarks, cybersquatting or selling counterfeit or gray market goods.
A gray market forms when a distributer buys a manufacturer's goods, imports them into the United States, and competes with the trademark holder's goods, often times at cheaper prices.