Gray parrot

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(Zool.) an African parrot (Psittacus erithacus), very commonly domesticated, and noted for its aptness in learning to talk. Also called jako.

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By now, I knew this noise came from my African gray parrot.
Songbirds, such as the Eastern bluebird (left), generally live a maximum of eight to 10 years, for instance, while parrots (African gray parrot shown above) or raptors can survive for decades.
The most talkative of the bunch was Wazoo, a Congo African gray parrot, who not only could say words, she could make sound effects such as water dripping and a knock at a door.
Alex, a 23-year-old African gray parrot, won't be taking the SATs, but he's no featherhead, says his owner, University of Arizona scientist Irene Pepperberg.
CHEWS: Sam with Charlie, the African Gray parrot Picture by ANGIE WEAL
Death is certain in life, but in the meantime you have to be as happy and productive as possible,'' Hartwell said Friday as her African gray parrot, Johnny, repeated selected phrases intermittently, showing off his 300-word vocabulary.
Nearly two dozen people from Pomona to Malibu came to the West Valley animal shelter to claim an exotic African gray parrot that flew its coop in Porter Ranch last week.
An African gray parrot was found flying around Porter Ranch, but so far it's not talking about the identity of its owner.
Currently, the most popular-selling bird is the African gray parrot.
Still and staring, the mounts leave the museum eerily quiet - save for the occasional screech of an African gray parrot or the gurgling of the aquarium that is home to a trio of Vietnamese water snakes.
The Irvines are ardent animal lovers, with two dogs, two cats, an African gray parrot and a parakeet, and are very active with the Actors and Others for Animals organization.
Rupert wrote the part for me,'' Buckley said by phone between bites of lunch and pauses to scold Blue, an African Gray parrot, part of the menagerie that travels with her.