gray scale

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gray′ scale`

a scale of achromatic colors having equal gradations ranging from white to black.
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The Thermolast A compound used was not only able to meet the high OEM requirements involving two year cycles of weathering in accordance with PV 3929 and PV 3930 standards in advance, by achieving greater than level 4 on the gray scale, but it also proved its value on the component during outdoor weathering, according to the company.
In Figure 1, for each designated amniotic fluid volume (<2 cm, 2-8 cm, >8 cm), on average the colour Doppler amniotic fluid volume was less than that of the gray scale.
In this group, the addition of color Doppler US to gray scale increased the sensitivity to 52.5% (95% CI, 41.0-63.8).
The company has archive writers that can write color and gray scale images to 35mm and 16mm film without the need to first convert the images to B&W, so as to maintain image quality and contrast.
When you convert the posterized color image into black-and-white, you will see that the few patches of colors become a nice gray scale. When you select posterize, you need to select the number of shades.
Bookmap for Devexperts is an innovative full order book pattern detection and analysis software, which visualizes order book using a gray scale heatmap.
Furthermore, the objective was to evaluate prospectively the relative usefulness of color Doppler, spectral Doppler, and gray scale sonography in differentiating benign from malignant adnexal masses.
The chapter contains two parts of picture distillation; in the first part, the GrabCut algorithm [12] is used to extract yellow sticky board image from complex background and correct it to the same size and position by perspective correction method in order to extract aphid image [13]; in the second part, the method of weighted average gray scale is used to make the yellow sticky board image preprocessing, single image difference method is used to eliminate the influence of illumination, and OSTU threshold segmentation and morphological erosion method is used to extract yellow sticky board image, laying the ground work for the subsequent counting program.
In gray scale with vivid scarlet splashes, the story of the soldier and the ballerina unfolds, maintaining all the tragic dignity of the original while infusing a fresh and thrilling air of suspense and emotion, ideal for those experiencing the tin soldier's journey for the first time or the fiftieth.
This color image can be converted into gray scale image value (0-255) as shown in fig.4b.