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Adj.1.gray-brown - of brown tinged with grey
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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This important monarch of the Underground World was a little fat man clothed in gray-brown garments that were the exact color of the rock throne in which he was seated.
Thus talking, with easy silences and some pauses to look at the view over the hedge and to decide upon the species of a little gray-brown bird slipping among the twigs, they walked into Lincoln, and after strolling up and down the main street, decided upon an inn where the rounded window suggested substantial fare, nor were they mistaken.
Geoffrey's rousettes have brown or gray-brown bodies and measure up to 87 millimeters, or 3.5 inches.
In order to determine whether the color difference had an effect on the marl in the study, the samples were grouped by color as gray, brown and gray-brown sequence.
The insect has a shield-shaped body about 3/4-inch long and half as wide and gray-brown in color.
He's mostly white, with light brown splotches around his eyes and gray-brown polka dots here and there, especially on his ears.
THE BUCK STOOD just on the edge of the thick, dry forest, in the clear, his entire gray-brown body visible, antlers rising straight and sharp above widespread, translucent ears and a pixie nose, miniature hooves blending with earth darkened by an old burn.
Its fur is coarser than other species of brown bear but also sparser, and the color varies from straw to a gray-brown.
Tucked away in a gray-brown room, across a white marble hall from statesmanlike portraits of Ben Franklin and Alexander Hamilton, is "One Life: Thomas Paine--The Radical Founding Father," an exhibition appearing at the National Portrait Gallery from August 7 to November 29.
Automobile emissions, along with China's inefficient coal plants, are primarily responsible for the city's trademark thick, gray-brown haze.
The statue is connected to a well in order to enhance the granite's gray-brown color, according to Wadowice's mayor, Ewa Filipiak.