grayish brown

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Noun1.grayish brown - a color or pigment varying around a light grey-brown color; "she wore dun"
light brown - a brown that is light but unsaturated
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The deep lines and grayish brown color of its surface reveal its timeless age, like the wrinkles on an old man's brow.
Outer surface was grayish brown with protruding nodules measuring from 1 to 2.
The entire space is in neutral gray, while the couches are in dark grayish brown.
Hindwing ground color white; subbasal fascia unmarked; antemedial fascia slender and light brown; medial fasciae broad, grayish brown; postmedial fascia broad, grayish brown and strongly excurved in middle; outer margin cilia medium-long, dark gray; inner margin cilia long, white.
The outer surface was glistening grayish brown to many haemorrhagic areas and congested blood vessels.
These nine breeds included six Korean native chicken breeds (Korean Reddish Brown, KR; Korean Yellowish Brown, KY; Korean Grayish Brown, KG; Korean Black, KB; Korean White, KW; Korean Ogye, KO) and three imported breeds (White Leghorn, WL; Rhode Island Red, RI; Cornish, CN), with 50 individuals per breed respectively.
The other mass was grayish brown nodular measuring 16A-12A-10cm.
Endoperodial body sessile 2 cm across globose to subglobose or slightly depressed onion shaped when not depressed smooth seated in saccate slightly depressed basel area of exoperidium grayish brown with occasional darker tints; Peristome fibrillose and conical dark brown surrounded by circular shallow groove.
Impaction occurs when the secretion isn't expressed, or emptied, normally, leaving a thick, dark brown or grayish brown buildup in the sac.
Soldner worked in a nude torso and introduces two other colours, light moss green and grayish brown.