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Adj.1.grayish-green - of green tinged with grey
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Reporter Dan Mihalopoulos tweeted a short clip of the video where Mendoza, dressed in a grayish-green cable sweater, says, "I'm Susana Mendoza and I'm running for mayor of Chicago.
Sunflower seeds are plucked from the center of the sunflower that turns throughout the day to follow the course of the sun.The yellow flower produces grayish-green or black seeds encased in tear-drop shaped grey or black shells.
A ( study in PLOS One  describes the new kid on the block, a rainfrog from northwestern Ecuador, as a greenish-yellow creature with horizontal black stripes and eyes that range from light blue to grayish-green or grayish-yellow.
The slender human forms are rendered in an almost Symbolist fashion, with pale grayish-green skin tones, sharp outlines, and sexed--but hardly gendered--bodies reminiscent of Ferdinand Hodler's painterly anthropology.
Indications of cyanosis can manifest as a bluish color for patients with light skin tones, as a grayish-green color with yellow skin tones, and as a pale, grayish color with darker skin tones (Sommers, 2011).
This aged cheese was like a white moist paste laced with a grayish-green blue, sweet and milky, spiked with a sharp saltiness.
Alatae, produced in the second and third generations, are grayish-green with a black head and thorax, dark antennae, legs and siphunculi and a large quadrate dark green patch on the dorsal abdomen; they migrate to various Polygonum and Persicaria spp.
The third section of the Badong formation is located in the middle and bottom parts of the landslide and the major lithology is gray pelite, a layer of grayish-green calcareous mudstone was found in the khaki weathering surfaces.