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graze 1

v. grazed, graz·ing, graz·es
1. To feed on growing grasses and herbage.
2. Informal
a. To eat a variety of appetizers as a full meal.
b. To eat snacks throughout the day in place of full meals.
1. To feed on (herbage) in a field or on pastureland.
2. To feed on the herbage of (a piece of land).
3. To afford herbage for the feeding of: This field will graze 30 head of cattle.
4. To put (livestock) out to feed.
5. To tend (feeding livestock) in a pasture.

[Middle English grasen, from Old English grasian, from græs, grass; see ghrē- in Indo-European roots.]

graze′a·ble, graz′a·ble adj.
graz′er n.

graze 2

v. grazed, graz·ing, graz·es
1. To touch lightly in passing; brush. See Synonyms at brush1.
2. To scrape or scratch slightly; abrade.
To scrape or touch something lightly in passing.
1. The act of brushing or scraping along a surface.
2. A minor scratch or abrasion.

[Perhaps from graze.]


1. (Agriculture) the vegetation on pastures that is available for livestock to feed upon
2. (Agriculture) the land on which this is growing


(ˈgreɪ zɪŋ)

1. pastureland; a pasture.
2. Informal. the act of eating snacks instead of regular meals, or of sampling small portions of a variety of foods.
3. Informal. the practice of switching television channels frequently to watch several programs.
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Noun1.grazing - the act of grazinggrazing - the act of grazing      
eating, feeding - the act of consuming food
2.grazing - the act of brushing against while passing
touching, touch - the act of putting two things together with no space between them; "at his touch the room filled with lights"


[ˈgreɪzɪŋ] N
1. (= land) → pasto m
2. (= act) → pastoreo m


[ˈgreɪzɪŋ] n (= pasture) → pâturage m


nWeideland nt; this land offers good grazingdies ist gutes Weideland; grazing landWeideland nt; grazing rightsWeiderechte pl


[ˈgreɪzɪŋ] npascolo
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Although adding to GNP, the contribution of such payments to long-term economic growth perhaps is a question of greater national importance than is next year's grazing fee.
54 per animal unit month, the Federal grazing fee is an incredible bargain that ought to be tied to a rancher's effectiveness in managing to improve the land.
Just to break even on the grazing fee program, the federal government would need at least $35,000 from Elko, according to conservative Forest Service estimates.
Cliven Bundy drew national attention in 2014 when he took up against the Bureau of Land Management in a grazing fee dispute.
It is understood the horses are dumped by owners who will not pay a grazing fee so just leave them wherever they can.
Advocates argue that grazing uses federal land productively and that the grazing fee is fair.
For many years, the federal grazing fee has been set at $1.
110) Babbitt's proposed tripling of the grazing fee, to just under $4 per month per animal, fell out before Congress approved the final rules.
However, environmental interests had a smaller direct impact on the grazing fee vote.
Total government revenues accruing to Billings, Golden Valley, McKenzie, and Slope Counties, over 19 years (includes only 10 years of grazing fee collections), were estimated at $3.