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1. Soft or melted animal fat, especially after rendering.
2. A thick oil or viscous substance, especially when used as a lubricant.
a. The oily substance present in raw wool; suint.
b. Raw wool that has not been cleansed of this oily substance.
4. Slang Something, such as money or influence, that facilitates the attainment of an object or a desire: accepted some grease to fix the outcome of the race.
tr.v. (grēs, grēz) greased, greas·ing, greas·es
1. To coat, smear, or soil with grease: greased the pie pan.
2. To lubricate with grease.
3. To facilitate the progress of.
4. Slang To kill. See Note at greasy.
grease (someone's) palm/hand Slang
To bribe.

[Middle English grese, from Anglo-Norman grece, from Vulgar Latin *crassia, from Latin crassus, fat, thick.]

grease′less adj.
grease′proof′ adj.
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(ˈɡriːsˌpruːf; ˈɡriːzˌpruːf)
resistant to penetration by greases and oils
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Adj.1.greaseproof - resistant to penetration by grease or oil or wax; "greaseproof wrapping paper"
imperviable, impervious - not admitting of passage or capable of being affected; "a material impervious to water"; "someone impervious to argument"
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A. ADJ (Brit) → a prueba de grasa, impermeable a la grasa
B. CPD greaseproof paper Npapel m encerado
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M2 PRESSWIRE-July 26, 2019-: Global Greaseproof Paper Market 2024 Upstream and Downstream Market Analysis with Market Driving Factor and Eminent Major Brand Players Forecast
30g puffed rice cereal METHOD Line a 20cm square tin with greaseproof paper.
Sharing the brilliant trick onThe Parent PackFacebookgroup, the anonymous mum added a photo of her squeezing Ella's Kitchen puree on to greaseproof paper on a baking tray.
1: CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY CAKE Ingredients Serves 10-12 For the cake: 50g cocoa powder 90ml boiling water 3 eggs 60ml milk 175g self-raising flour 1tsp baking powder 100g butter 200g sugar For the icing: 150g dark chocolate 200ml cream 400g icing sugar, plus extra for dusting 300g raspberries Directions Heat the oven to 180C/160C fan and line two Victoria sponge tins with greaseproof paper.
three litres of chicken or vegetable stock A large knob of butter A good splash of olive oil Extras: Rolls of greaseproof paper and wide foil Mashed potato, to serve A green veg, such as kale Firstly, heat the oven as high as it will go (I use the pizza setting) and rub the red peppers all over with olive oil.
Cover with greaseproof paper, then foil and tie with cook's string.
Place the lined tin in the freezer for 10 minutes and then line the raw pastry with greaseproof paper filled with baking beans and blind bake it for 20 minutes.
Line the inside of the pie with some greaseproof paper and fill it with blind baking beans (or dried pulses or uncooked rice; discard them afterwards or store them in a jar for future blind bakes), then blind bake for 15 mins.
Microsoft also launched a limited edition greaseproof PUBG controller .
4 Divide the mixure into two 20cm/8 cake tins which should be greased/lined with greaseproof paper.
Make a disc of greaseproof paper to fit into the base (this will help the pudding release from the basin).