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immense; notable; momentous; exalted; grand: a great performance
Not to be confused with:
grate – frame of metal bars; irritate; vex; irk; to have an irritating effect: His constant complaining grates on my nerves.
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adj. great·er, great·est
a. Very large in size, extent, or intensity: a great pile of rubble; a great storm.
b. Of a larger size than other, similar forms: the great anteater.
c. Large in quantity or number: A great throng awaited us. See Synonyms at large.
d. Extensive in time or distance: a great delay; a great way off.
a. Remarkable or outstanding in magnitude, degree, or extent: a great crisis; great anticipation.
b. Of outstanding significance or importance: a great work of art.
c. Chief or principal: the great house on the estate.
d. Superior in quality or character; noble: a great man who dedicated himself to helping others.
e. Powerful; influential: one of the great nations of the West.
f. Eminent; distinguished: a great leader.
3. Informal
a. Very good; first-rate: We had a great time at the dance.
b. Very skillful: She is great at algebra.
c. Enthusiastic: a great lover of music.
4. Being one generation removed from the relative specified. Often used in combination: a great-granddaughter.
5. Archaic Pregnant.
1. pl. greats or great One that is great: a composer considered among the greats.
2. Music
a. A division of most pipe organs, usually containing the most powerful ranks of pipes.
b. A similar division of other organs.
adv. Informal
1. Very well: got along great with the teacher.
2. Used as an intensive with certain adjectives: a great big kiss.

[Middle English grete, from Old English grēat, thick, coarse.]

great′ly adv.
great′ness n.
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1. relatively large in size or extent; big
2. relatively large in number; having many parts or members: a great assembly.
3. of relatively long duration: a great wait.
4. of larger size or more importance than others of its kind: the great auk.
5. extreme or more than usual: great worry.
6. of significant importance or consequence: a great decision.
a. of exceptional talents or achievements; remarkable: a great writer.
b. (as noun): the great; one of the greats.
8. arising from or possessing idealism in thought, action, etc; heroic: great deeds.
9. illustrious or eminent: a great history.
10. impressive or striking: a great show of wealth.
11. much in use; favoured: poetry was a great convention of the Romantic era.
12. active or enthusiastic: a great walker.
13. doing or exemplifying (a characteristic or pursuit) on a large scale: what a great buffoon; he's not a great one for reading.
14. (often foll by at) skilful or adroit: a great carpenter; you are great at singing.
15. informal excellent; fantastic
16. informal Brit (intensifier): a dirty great smack in the face.
17. archaic
a. pregnant: great with child.
b. full (of): great with hope.
18. (intensifier, used in mild oaths): Great Scott!.
19. be great on informal
a. to be informed about
b. to be enthusiastic about or for
informal very well; excellently: it was working great.
(Instruments) Also called: great organ the principal manual on an organ. Compare choir4, swell16
[Old English grēat; related to Old Frisian grāt, Old High German grōz; see grit, groat]
ˈgreatly adv
ˈgreatness n
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adj. great•er, great•est, adj.
1. unusually or comparatively large in size or dimensions; big.
2. large in number; numerous: great herds of buffalo.
3. unusual or considerable in degree, power, intensity, etc.: great pain.
4. first-rate; excellent: to have a great time.
5. being such in an extreme or notable degree: great friends.
6. notable; remarkable: a great occasion.
7. important; highly significant: the great issues in American history.
8. distinguished; famous: a great inventor.
9. of noble or lofty character: great thoughts.
10. chief or principal: the great hall.
11. of high rank or social standing: a great lady.
12. much in use or favor: “Humor” was a great word with the old physiologists.
13. of extraordinary powers; having unusual merit: a great statesman.
14. of marked duration or length: to wait a great while.
15. Informal.
a. enthusiastic about some specified activity (usu. fol. by on or for): He's great on poetry.
b. skillful; expert (usu. fol. by at): She's great at golf.
16. being of one generation more remote from the family relative specified (used in combination): a great-grandson.
17. Informal. very well: Things have been going great for him.
18. a person who has achieved importance or distinction in a field: She is one of the theater's greats.
19. great persons, collectively: England's literary great.
20. (used to express acceptance, appreciation, approval, admiration, etc.).
[before 900; Middle English greet, Old English grēat, c. Old Frisian grāt, Old Saxon grōt, Old High German grōz]
great′ly, adv.
great′ness, n.
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Big, large, and great are used to talk about size. They can all be used in front of countable nouns, but only great can be used in front of uncountable nouns.

1. describing objects

Big, large, and great can all be used to describe objects. Big is the word you usually use in conversation. Large is more formal. Great is used in stories to show that something is very impressive because of its size.

'Where is Mark?' – 'Over there, by that big tree.'
The driver swerved to avoid a large tree.
A great tree had fallen across the river.
2. describing amounts

When you are describing amounts, you usually use large.

She made a very large amount of money.
They export large quantities of corn.

Be Careful!
Don't use 'big' to describe amounts. Don't say, for example, 'She made a very big amount of money'.

3. describing feelings

When you are describing feelings or reactions, you usually use great.

He has great hopes for the future.
It was a great relief when we finally got home.

When surprise is a countable noun, you can use either big or great in front of it.

The announcement was a big surprise.
It will be no great surprise if Ryan wins.

Don't use 'large' to describe feelings or reactions.

4. describing problems

When you are describing a problem or danger, you use big or great.

The biggest problem at the moment is unemployment.
Many species are in great danger.

Don't use 'large' to describe a problem or danger.

5. showing importance

Great is used to say that a person or place is important or famous.

He was one of the greatest engineers of this century.
We visited the great cities of Europe.
6. used with other adjectives

In conversation, you can use great and big together in order to emphasize the size of something. You always put great first.

There was a great big hole in the road.

Be Careful!
You can say that someone is in great pain, but you don't usually use 'big', 'large', or 'great' to describe an illness. Instead you use adjectives such as bad, terrible, or severe.

He's off work with a bad cold.
I started getting terrible headaches.
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.great - a person who has achieved distinction and honor in some field; "he is one of the greats of American music"
achiever, succeeder, winner, success - a person with a record of successes; "his son would never be the achiever that his father was"; "only winners need apply"; "if you want to be a success you have to dress like a success"
Adj.1.great - relatively large in size or number or extent; larger than others of its kind; "a great juicy steak"; "a great multitude"; "the great auk"; "a great old oak"; "a great ocean liner"; "a great delay"
big, large - above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent; "a large city"; "set out for the big city"; "a large sum"; "a big (or large) barn"; "a large family"; "big businesses"; "a big expenditure"; "a large number of newspapers"; "a big group of scientists"; "large areas of the world"
2.great - of major significance or importance; "a great work of art"; "Einstein was one of the outstanding figures of the 20th centurey"
important, of import - of great significance or value; "important people"; "the important questions of the day"
3.great - remarkable or out of the ordinary in degree or magnitude or effect; "a great crisis"; "had a great stake in the outcome"
extraordinary - beyond what is ordinary or usual; highly unusual or exceptional or remarkable; "extraordinary authority"; "an extraordinary achievement"; "her extraordinary beauty"; "enjoyed extraordinary popularity"; "an extraordinary capacity for work"; "an extraordinary session of the legislature"
4.great - very goodgreat - very good; "he did a bully job"; "a neat sports car"; "had a great time at the party"; "you look simply smashing"
colloquialism - a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech
good - having desirable or positive qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified; "good news from the hospital"; "a good report card"; "when she was good she was very very good"; "a good knife is one good for cutting"; "this stump will make a good picnic table"; "a good check"; "a good joke"; "a good exterior paint"; "a good secretary"; "a good dress for the office"
5.great - uppercase; "capital A"; "great A"; "many medieval manuscripts are in majuscule script"
uppercase - relating to capital letters which were kept in the top half of a compositor's type case; "uppercase letters; X and Y and Z etc"
6.great - in an advanced stage of pregnancygreat - in an advanced stage of pregnancy; "was big with child"; "was great with child"
pregnant - carrying developing offspring within the body or being about to produce new life
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1. large, big, huge, vast, enormous, extensive, tremendous, immense, gigantic, mammoth, bulky, colossal, prodigious, stupendous, voluminous, elephantine, ginormous (informal), humongous or humungous (U.S. slang), GR8 (S.M.S.) a great hall as long and high as a church
large little, small, diminutive
2. extreme, considerable, excessive, high, decided, pronounced, extravagant, prodigious, inordinate, GR8 (S.M.S.) I'll take great care of it. That must have taken a great effort on his part.
3. major, lead, leading, chief, main, capital, grand, primary, principal, prominent, superior, paramount, big-time (informal), major league (informal), GR8 (S.M.S.) the great cultural achievements of the past
4. important, serious, significant, critical, crucial, heavy, grave, momentous, weighty, consequential, GR8 (S.M.S.) his pronouncements on the great political matters of the age
important petty, trivial, insignificant, unimportant, inconsequential, inconsiderable
6. expert, skilled, talented, skilful, good, able, masterly, crack (slang), superb, world-class, adept, stellar (informal), superlative, proficient, adroit, GR8 (S.M.S.) He was one of the West Indies' greatest cricketers.
expert inexperienced, unskilled, untrained
7. (Informal) excellent, good, fine, wonderful, mean (slang), topping (Brit. slang), cracking (Brit. informal), superb, fantastic (informal), tremendous (informal), marvellous (informal), terrific (informal), mega (slang), sovereign, awesome (slang), dope (slang), admirable, first-rate, def (informal), brill (informal), boffo (slang), bitchin', chillin' (U.S. slang), GR8 (S.M.S.) It's a great film, you must see it.
excellent poor, average, secondary, inferior, second-rate, undistinguished, unnotable
8. very, really, particularly, truly, extremely, awfully (informal), exceedingly, GR8 (S.M.S.) He gave me a great big smile.
10. enthusiastic, keen, active, devoted, zealous, GR8 (S.M.S.) I'm not a great fan of football.
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1. Notably above average in amount, size, or scope:
Informal: tidy.
3. Informal. Exceptionally good of its kind:
Slang: boss.
Chiefly British: tophole.
5. Archaic. Carrying a developing fetus within the uterus:
Slang: gone.
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عَظيمعَظِيمعَظيم، كثيرعَظيم، ماهِر، ذكيعَظيم، مُمْتِع جِدا
frábær, stórkostlegurklár, flinkurmikillmikill, stórkostlegurstór, mikill
매우 좋은중요한
quan trọngto lớntuyệt vời


A. ADJ (greater (compar) (greatest (superl)))
1. (= huge) (in size) [house, room, object] → enorme, inmenso; (in amount, number) [effort, variety] → grande; [shock, surprise] → verdadero, enorme
she lived to a great agevivió hasta una edad muy avanzada
I'll take great care of itlo cuidaré mucho
he didn't say a great dealno dijo mucho
a great deal of time/money/effortmucho tiempo/dinero/esfuerzo
a great deal of sufferingmucho sufrimiento
with great difficultycon gran or mucha dificultad
we had great difficulty convincing themhemos tenido muchas dificultades para convencerlos
he had great difficulty staying awakele costaba mucho mantenerse despierto
to a great extenten gran parte
to an even greater extentincluso en mayor parte
we had great funlo pasamos fenomenal
great heavens! (o.f.) → ¡Cielo Santo! (o.f.), ¡Válgame el cielo!
to be a great helpser de gran ayuda
well, you've been a great help! (iro) → ¡vaya ayuda la tuya!, ¡pues sí que has sido una ayuda!
I'm in no great hurry, I'm not in any great hurryno tengo mucha prisa
you great idiot!¡pedazo de idiota!
a great many people believe he was rightmucha gente cree que tenía razón
a great many of us are uneasy about these developmentsa muchos de nosotros estos sucesos nos tienen intranquilos
it was a great pity you didn't comefue una verdadera pena que no vinieses
with great pleasurecon gran placer
it's my great pleasure to introducees un gran placer para mí presentar a ...
great progress has been madese han hecho grandes progresos
great Scott! (o.f.) → ¡Cielo Santo! (o.f.), ¡Válgame el cielo!
the concert was a great successel concierto fue un enorme éxito
see also guns A1
2. (= important) [achievement, occasion, event] → grande
the great cultural achievements of the pastlos grandes logros culturales del pasado
one of the great issues of the dayuno de los temas más importantes del día
everyone said she was destined for great thingstodos decían que llegaría lejos
great work (= masterpiece) → obra f maestra
3. (= outstanding) [person, nation, skill] → grande
one of the greatest engineers of this centuryuno de los más grandes ingenieros de este siglo
a player of great abilityun jugador de gran habilidad
she has a great eye for detailtiene muy buen ojo para los detalles
4. (with names) Frederick/Peter the GreatFederico/Pedro el Grande
Alexander the GreatAlejandro Magno
the great George Padmoreel gran George Padmore
5. (= real) (as intensifier) → grande
I am a great admirer of his worksoy un gran admirador de su obra
they are great friendsson grandes amigos
I'm a great chocolate-loverme encanta el chocolate
he was a great womanizerera un gran mujeriego
she is a great believer in hard workes una gran partidaria del trabajo duro
I'm a great believer in being franksoy muy partidario de la franqueza
she's a great one for antique shopsle encantan las tiendas de antigüedades, es una fanática de las tiendas de antigüedades
he's a great one for criticizing otherses único para criticar a los demás, se las pinta solo para criticar a los demás
6. (= excellent) [person, thing, idea] → estupendo, genial
they're a great bunch of guysson un grupo de tíos estupendos or geniales
you were great!¡estuviste genial!
I think she's greatcreo que es genial
it's a great ideaes una idea estupenda, es una idea genial
"how was the movie?" - "it was great!"-¿que tal fue la película? -¡genial!
(that's) great!¡eso es estupendo!
I heard a great piece of music on the radioen la radio una pieza de música genial
wouldn't it be great to do that?¿no sería fabuloso or genial hacer eso?
camping holidays are great for kidslas vacaciones en un camping son estupendas para los críos, las vacaciones en un camping son geniales para los críos
she was just great about itse lo tomó muy bien
he's great at footballjuega estupendamente al fútbol
she's great at mathsse le dan genial las matemáticas
to feel greatsentirse fenómeno or fenomenal
you look great! (= attractive) → ¡estás guapísimo!; (= healthy) → ¡tienes un aspecto estupendo!
she's great on jazzsabe un montón de jazz
the great thing is that you don't have to iron itlo mejor de todo es que no tienes que plancharlo
7. (Bot, Zool) → grande
1. (= excellent) (oh) great!¡fenómeno!, ¡fenomenal!, ¡qué bien!
2. (iro) (oh) great! that's all I need!¡maravilloso! ¡eso es lo que me faltaba!
if that's what you want to believe, great!si es eso lo que quieres creer, allá
C. ADV great biggrandísimo
D. N (= person) → grande mf
the golfing greatslos grandes del golf
one of the all-time greatsuno de los grandes de todos los tiempos
the greatlos grandes
history remembers only the greatla historia recuerda sólo a los grandes
the great and the good (hum) → los abonados a las buenas causas
E. CPD great ape Nantropoide mf
the Great Australian Bight Nel Gran Golfo Australiano
the Great Barrier Reef Nla Gran Barrera de Coral, el Gran Arrecife Coralino
the Great Bear N (Astron) → la Osa Mayor
Great Britain NGran Bretaña f
Great Dane Ngran danés m
the Great Dividing Range Nla Gran Cordillera Divisoria
the Great Lakes NPLlos Grandes Lagos
the Great Plains NPLlas Grandes Llanuras
the great powers NPLlas grandes potencias
great tit Nparo m grande, herrerillo m grande
the Great Wall of China Nla (Gran) Muralla China
the Great War Nla Primera Guerra Mundial

"Grande" shortened to "gran"
 Grande must be shortened to gran before a singular noun of either gender:
Great Britain (La) Gran Bretaña
Position of "grande"
 Put gran/grandes before the noun in the sense of "great":
It's a great step forward in the search for peace Es un gran paso en la búsqueda de la paz He is a (very) great actor Es un gran actor
 In the sense of big or large, the adjective will precede the noun in the context of a general, subjective comment. However, when there is implicit or explicit comparison with other things or people that are physically bigger or smaller, it will follow the noun:
It's a big problem Es un gran problema ...the difference in price between big flats and small ones... diferencia de precio entre los pisos grandes y pequeños... ...a certain type of large passenger plane... ...cierto tipo de avión grande para el transporte de pasajeros...
 Compare the following examples:
...a great man... ...un gran hombre... ...a big man... ...un hombre grande...
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(= large) → grand(e)
a great mansion → un grand manoir
a great number → un grand nombre
[extent] → large
to a greater or lesser degree → plus ou moins
To a greater or lesser extent, they are all damp → Ils sont tous plus ou moins humides.
Flights were disrupted to a greater or lesser degree
BUT Pratiquement tous les vols ont été affectés d'une manière ou d'une autre.
(= outstanding) [artist, writer, scientist, athlete] → grand(e); [work, novel, picture] → grand(e); [city] → grand(e); [success, achievement] → grand(e)
[heat, pain] → intense
[difficulty, risk, danger] → grand(e)
[pleasure, love]
My greatest pleasure is talking to my children → Mon plus grand plaisir, c'est de parler à mes enfants.
He has a great love for his son → Il aime beaucoup son fils.
with great pleasure → avec grand plaisir
to get great pleasure from sth → tirer un grand plaisir de qch
to get great pleasure from doing sth → tirer un grand plaisir de faire qch
[value] → grand(e)
(= firm)
They're great friends → Ils sont très amis., Ce sont de grands amis.
to be a great believer in sth → croire beaucoup en qch
to be a great supporter of sth → être un(e) partisan(e) convaincu(e) de qch
(= excellent) → vraiment bien (= cool) → génial(e), super
That's great! → C'est génial!, C'est super!
I feel great → Je me sens en pleine forme.
to have a great time → bien s'amuser
We had a great time → Nous nous sommes bien amusés.
the great thing is that ... → ce qu'il y a de vraiment bien c'est que ...
oh great! (humorous)
Oh great! Just what I need → Génial! J'avais vraiment besoin de ça.
(= outstanding figure) → grand(e) m/f
(= composition) → succès mgreat-aunt [ˌgreɪtˈɑːnt] ngrand-tante f
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adj (+er)
(in size) → groß; (= very large)sehr groß; (= huge)riesig; (in extent) effort, variety, shock, need, success, help etcgroß; with a great effortmit großer Mühe or Anstrengung; a great variety of opinionsviele ganz unterschiedliche Ansichten; there is a great need for economic developmentwirtschaftliche Entwicklung ist dringend nötig; of no great importanceziemlich unwichtig; at a great pacein or mit schnellem Tempo; x is greater/not greater than 10 (Math) → x ist größer/kleiner (oder) gleich 10; great good fortunegroßes Glück; with great good humoursehr gut gelaunt; in great detailganz ausführlich; with great caremit großer Vorsicht; I’ll take great care of itich werde sehr gut darauf aufpassen; to take a great interest in somethingsich sehr für etw interessieren; he did not live to a great ageer erreichte kein hohes Alter; with great difficultymit großen Schwierigkeiten; a player of great abilityein sehr or ausgesprochen fähiger Spieler; to a great extentin hohem Maße; it was great funes hat großen Spaß gemacht; a great many, a great number ofsehr viele; a great many peoplesehr viele or eine Menge (inf)Leute ? also deal
(= important, famous) person, achievement, work, event, city etcgroß; his greatest worksein Hauptwerk nt; to think great thoughtsgeniale Gedanken haben; the great thing is to …das Wichtigste ist zu …; great minds think alikegroße Geister denken gleich; Alexander the GreatAlexander der Große
(= strong, enthusiastic) he was a great friend of my fatherer war mit meinem Vater sehr gut befreundet; he is a great admirer of British orchestraser bewundert britische Orchester sehr; I’m a great lover of or a great one for cakesich esse für mein Leben gern Kuchen; she’s a great one for punctualitysie legt großen Wert auf Pünktlichkeit; he’s a great one for criticizing othersim Kritisieren anderer ist er (ganz) groß; to be a great believer in somethingsehr viel von etw halten; to be a great believer in doing somethinggrundsätzlich dafür sein, etw zu tun; he was a great womanizerer stellte ständig den Frauen nach
(inf: = terrific) person, ideatoll (inf), → prima (inf); I think she’s greatich finde sie toll (inf)or prima (inf); this cookbook is great for dessertsin diesem Kochbuch findet man besonders gute Nachspeisen; this whisk is great for saucesdieser Schneebesen eignet sich besonders gut für Soßen; to be great at football/at singingein großer Fußballspieler/Sänger sein; to be great on jazzein großer Jazzkenner sein; to feel greatsich toll or prima fühlen (inf); my wife isn’t feeling so greatmeiner Frau geht es nicht besonders gut; Great Scott or Heavens! (dated)(ach du) großer Gott or lieber Himmel!
(= excellent, outstanding)ausgezeichnet, großartig; one of the great footballers of our generationeiner der großen Fußballspieler unserer Generation
interj (inf)toll (inf), → super (inf); oh great (iro)na wunderbar; if that’s what they want to believe, greatwenn sie das glauben wollen, dann sollen sie doch
(inf: = well) she’s doing great (in job) → sie macht sich hervorragend; (healthwise) → sie macht große Fortschritte; everything’s going greatalles läuft nach Plan
great big (emph inf)riesengroß; I want to give you a great big kissich möchte dir einen ganz dicken Kuss geben; a great big weddingeine Hochzeit im großen Stil; he’s a great big softieer ist ein ganz großer Softie
pl the greatdie Großen pl; the great and the gooddie Prominenz
usu pl (= person)Größe f; the greats (= stars)die Größen pl; one of the all-time greatseiner der Größten aller Zeiten; the golfing/literary greatsdie Golfgrößen/literarischen Größen


great ape
nMenschenaffe m
great assize
n (Rel) → Jüngstes Gericht
great auk
nToralk m
nGroßtante f
Great Australian Bight
n the greatdie Große Australische Bucht
Great Barrier Reef
n the greatdas Große Barriereriff
Great Bear
n the greatder Große Bär
Great Britain
great calorie
nKilokalorie f
nÜberzieher m, → Paletot m
Great Dane
Great Depression
n (Hist) → Weltwirtschaftskrise f
Great Divide
n (US) the greatdie Rocky Mountains pl; (fig: = death) → die Schwelle des Todes (liter); the great divide between …der Abgrund zwischen … (dat)
Great Dividing Range
n the greatdie Ostaustralischen Kordilleren pl


nUrenkel(in) m(f)
plUrgroßeltern pl
nUrurenkel(in) m(f)
plUrurgroßeltern pl
adj (= brave)beherzt; (= generous)hochherzig
Great Lakes
pl the greatdie Großen Seen pl


nGroßnichte f
Great Plains
pl the greatdie Great Plains pl, → die Großen Ebenen pl
Great Powers
pl (Pol) the greatdie Großmächte pl
great tit
nKohlmeise f
nGroßonkel m
Great Wall of China
Great War
n the greatder Erste Weltkrieg
Great Week
n (Rel) → Karwoche f
Great White Way
n the great (esp US inf) → das Theaterviertel am Broadway
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[greɪt] adj (-er (comp) (-est (superl)))
a. (gen) → grande; (pain, heat) → forte, intenso/a; (care) → molto/a; (age) → venerando/a
they're great friends → sono grandi amici
he was in great pain → soffriva molto
it's of no great importance → non ha molta importanza
he's a great reader → è un lettore accanito
great big (fam) → enorme
Alexander the Great → Alessandro Magno or il Grande
you're a great one for arriving at the wrong moment! (fam) → sei speciale per arrivare al momento sbagliato!
the great thing is that ... → il bello è che...
great Scott! (fam) → perbacco!
b. (fam) (excellent) → meraviglioso/a, magnifico/a, favoloso/a
it was great! → è stato fantastico!
he's great at football → nel calcio è una cannonata
he's great on jazz → sa tutto sul jazz
we had a great time → ci siamo divertiti un mondo
you look great → hai un aspetto splendido
you look great in that outfit → quel completo ti sta benissimo
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(greit) adjective
1. of a better quality than average; important. a great writer; Churchill was a great man.
2. very large, larger etc than average. a great crowd of people at the football match.
3. of a high degree. Take great care of that book.
4. very pleasant. We had a great time at the party.
5. clever and expert. John's great at football.
ˈgreatly adverb
I was greatly impressed by her singing.
ˈgreatness noun
her greatness as an athlete.
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عَظِيم, هامّ skvělý, velký, významný fantastisk, stor groß, schön, toll εξαιρετικός, εξέχων, σπουδαίος genial, gran, grande, importante, sensacional hieno, mahtava, suuri grand, super, très bien odličan, velik, značajan fantastico, grande 優れた, 大きな, 素晴らしい 매우 좋은, 중요한, 큰 belangrijk, enorm, geweldig fin, flott, stor świetny, wielki, wspaniały enorme, fantástico, grande, importante, ótimo важнейший, замечательный, огромный stor, underbar ดีมาก, ยิ่งใหญ่, สำคัญ büyük, harika, iyi quan trọng, to lớn, tuyệt vời 伟大的, 重要的, 非常好的
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a. grande, grandioso-a;
in ___ detailmuy minucioso;
it is going ___todo va muy bien.
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References in classic literature ?
One afternoon, when the sun was going down, a mother and her little boy sat at the door of their cottage, talking about the Great Stone Face.
Sullivan, in his History of Maine, written since the Revolution, remarks, that even then the existence of the Great Carbuncle was not entirely discredited.
It was this ardour which made him great. He was a flaming example to the wooers of glorious fortune.
And behold, thereby came he unawares also to the gate of the GREAT CITY.
But Aristotle was out of all patience with the account I gave him of Scotus and Ramus, as I presented them to him; and he asked them, "whether the rest of the tribe were as great dunces as themselves?"
Desired at a feast to touch a lute, he said, He could not fiddle, but yet he could make a small town, a great city.
1-25) From the Heliconian Muses let us begin to sing, who hold the great and holy mount of Helicon, and dance on soft feet about the deep-blue spring and the altar of the almighty son of Cronos, and, when they have washed their tender bodies in Permessus or in the Horse's Spring or Olmeius, make their fair, lovely dances upon highest Helicon and move with vigorous feet.
"She's old and lonely and has had a great deal of trouble.
The earlier voyagers fancied that the coral-building animals instinctively built up their great circles to afford themselves protection in the inner parts; but so far is this from the truth, that those massive kinds, to whose growth on the exposed outer shores the very existence of the reef depends, cannot live within the lagoon, where other delicately-branching kinds flourish.
How long he lay there senseless he could not guess; but when he opened his eyes again he was alone, except for the bodies of the dead green men and Dusarians, and the carcass of a great banth that lay half across his own.
They were armed with knives and great bludgeons and at their head marched an almost naked woman, beautiful beyond compare.
But there are a great many unreasonable ones, as I suppose you know--not yours, dear mother, for I am bound to say that you never required of me more than was natural.