great black-backed gull

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Noun1.great black-backed gull - white gull having a black back and wingsgreat black-backed gull - white gull having a black back and wings
sea gull, seagull, gull - mostly white aquatic bird having long pointed wings and short legs
genus Larus, Larus - type genus of the Laridae
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The Great Black-backed Gull (Larus marinus), which had a distribution of colony sizes much like Sabine's Gull on the YKD, tended to forage close to the nest.
It is the great black-backed gull, which is the scarcest of our regular breeding species.
THE great black-backed gull (larus marinus) is the largest gull in the world.
Gulls have proven very adaptable to human presence, responding to the availability of food: ring-billed gull, 1,773 (this species has become our McDonald's "parking lot gull"); herring gull, 173; great black-backed gull, 7.
The Great Black-backed Gull (Larus marinus) is a very large gull which breeds on the European and North American coasts and islands of the North Atlantic.
what is stolen from them), the northern gannet, great black-backed gull, and great skua are at the top.
The third series, due for release on August 11, includes gannet, ringed plover, grey glover, golden plover, greenshank, curlew, herring gull and great black-backed gull.
WALES' NEW RED LIST Cuckoo Wood warbler Willow warbler Pied flycatcher Lesser redpoll Pochard Common gull Kestrel Grey plover Dunlin Black-headed gull Herring gull Great black-backed gull Common tern Arctic tern Short-eared owl Yellow wagtail Spotted flycatcher Linnet Twite White-fronted goose Red grouse Black grouse Grey partridge Hen harrier Corncrake Golden plover Lapwing Bar-tailed godwit Curlew Roseate tern Little tern Puffin Turtle dove Lesser-spotted woodpecker Ring ouzel Grasshopper warbler Marsh tit Willow tit Starling Tree sparrow Bullfinch Yellowhammer Corn bunting Balearic shearwater
The great black-backed gull has a black (really black) back and wings contrasting with its white (very white) head, breast and belly.
In addition, 2%-10% of the wintering population of great black-backed gulls (Larus marinus) and 11%-39% of the wintering population of peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) were similarly affected.
Adam had his huge spotting scope with him, and we quickly picked off herring and great black-backed gulls on buoys downriver.
Glaucous, Thayer's, Iceland and Sabine's gulls fly in from the arctic; great black-backed gulls, laughing gulls and black-legged kittiwakes come from the east coast; California and Franklin's gulls arrive from the prairies and points farther west; and black-headed gulls migrate from Europe and the Canadian Maritimes.