great bustard

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Noun1.great bustard - largest European land birdgreat bustard - largest European land bird    
bustard - large heavy-bodied chiefly terrestrial game bird capable of powerful swift flight; classified with wading birds but frequents grassy steppes
genus Otis, Otis - type genus of the Otididae: European bustard
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Background: The great bustard (Otis tarda) is a globally threatened species listed in Annex I of the EU Birds Directive and a priority for LIFE+ funding.
Look at that great bustard - no, not the pasty survivalist, but the world's heaviest flying bird, which has returned to Britain after 180 years.
Washington, Feb 9 (ANI): For the first time, a study has shown that the 'beards' and the design of the neck are 'reliable' indicators of the weight and age of the great bustard (Otis tarda).
A BID to reintroduce the great bustard to the UK has scored another success with four wild chicks hatching in this country so far this year, conservationists said.
com/conw y-enews GET SPOTTING today guided walk, RSPB Conwy, 11am (01492 584091) tuesday Cwm Mynach Woodland Trust, talk by Laurie Brown, Dolgellau Free Library, 7pm (01248 351541) wednesday Great Bustard reintroduction on Salisbury Plain, Bangor Bird Group, Brambell Building, Deiniol Road, 7.
The programme is run by the Great Bustard Group www.
Conservationists are thrilled after finding a nest containing two eggs of the rare great bustard.
5,6) Angel wing was noted in great bustard chicks (Otis tarda) during a reintroduction project in the United Kingdom (J.
THE re-introduction into Britain of the great bustard, the world's heaviest flying bird, is proving a success, according to the scheme's boss.
The great bustard, the world's heaviest flying bird, is now found in northern Europe and parts of Spain.
Former police officer David Waters from Wiltshire, who has already invested u40,000 in the project, is planning to bring Great Bustard chicks from Russia to the UK.