great bustard

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Noun1.great bustard - largest European land birdgreat bustard - largest European land bird    
bustard - large heavy-bodied chiefly terrestrial game bird capable of powerful swift flight; classified with wading birds but frequents grassy steppes
genus Otis, Otis - type genus of the Otididae: European bustard
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In addition to mammals, 217 bird species and subspecies such as Levant sparrowhawk, great white pelican, Dalmatian pelican, white-tailed eagle, lammergeyer, short-toed eagle, great bustard and little bustard can be found in Nakhchivan.
During the period from January 26th to February 3rd, 2013, the time budget and rhythm of wintering behaviors of Great Bustard (Otis tarda) was studied with instantaneous-scanning method in the intersection area of the Yellow River, the Wei River and the Luo River located at the middle reaches of Yellow River basin of China.
The population of the Great Bustard in Iran has reached a critical level with fewer than 50 birds remaining across the country.
A close relationship (100% identity) was observed between the flamingo poxvirus and isolates from great bustard (Hungary 2005), house sparrow (Morocco 2009), MacQueen's bustard (Morocco 2011), and Houbara bustard (Morocco 2010 and 2011), suggesting interspecies transmission as a possible source of infection.
Background: The great bustard (Otis tarda) is a globally threatened species listed in Annex I of the EU Birds Directive and a priority for LIFE+ funding.
Look at that great bustard - no, not the pasty survivalist, but the world's heaviest flying bird, which has returned to Britain after 180 years.
Washington, Feb 9 (ANI): For the first time, a study has shown that the 'beards' and the design of the neck are 'reliable' indicators of the weight and age of the great bustard (Otis tarda).
A BID to reintroduce the great bustard to the UK has scored another success with four wild chicks hatching in this country so far this year, conservationists said.
The report is a first ever attempt by researchers to draw up a full list of environmental public goods, including valued cultural landscapes, provided by Europe's farmers(1), farmland birds, such as the globally threatened Great Bustard and Imperial Eagle, and the species-rich meadows that are found across Europe.
com/conw y-enews GET SPOTTING today guided walk, RSPB Conwy, 11am (01492 584091) tuesday Cwm Mynach Woodland Trust, talk by Laurie Brown, Dolgellau Free Library, 7pm (01248 351541) wednesday Great Bustard reintroduction on Salisbury Plain, Bangor Bird Group, Brambell Building, Deiniol Road, 7.
The programme is run by the Great Bustard Group www.