great grandparent

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Noun1.great grandparent - a parent of your grandparent
forbear, forebear - a person from whom you are descended
great grandmother - a mother of your grandparent
great grandfather - a father of your grandparent
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Tantawi, whose day job is to help renovate and preserve historic buildings in Dubai, said the next generation needs to have an appreciation of where their grandparents and great grandparents came from.
"It was given to my great grandparents, Tom and Sarah, who I'm named after, as a wedding present in 1906.
HISTORIC: Tony Fancy's model of the Mimosa is inspected by brother and sister Erin and Owain Gruffydd, both nine, of Aberystwyth, whose great, great, great grandparents sailed on the ship Picture: EDDIE BARFORD / eb270908d
I descend from 2 Black parents, 4 Black grandparents, 8 great grandparents and 16 great-great grandparents.
I would like to know what became of my great grandparents Patrick Byron born 1859 and Catherine (Kate) Byron born 1863.
In 1891 my great grandparents, Joseph and Mary Rose Hildreth (nee Mason, 33 years old, born in Australia), were living in Coundon, County Durham with two sons - Joseph Edmond, aged two years, born Kelloe, Durham (my grandfather) and Francis Mason, aged one month.
An interesting thing that I did not discuss with them was that my father's great, great, great grandparents had been forced to travel on the Trail of Tears in 1838-9 as well.
DIET We have been busily replacing our great grandparents' modest diet rich in fresh vegetables grains and fruits with fatty processed foods that are high in salt, sugar and carcinoganic adulterants.
Newlove, who has also made 29 Test appearances, said: "Apparently it's my great grandparents who were Irish and not my grandparents.
The organizers of the event print out portraits of their grandparents, great grandparents and other relatives, who participated in the war, make banners with their portraits in a special format, and march together honoring the veterans.
His is survived by his parents, Kara Cullinan-Pici and Dana Pici; his very special aunts, Michele Pici and Gina D'Ottavio and cousins, Emma and Bella Pici-D'Ottavio; as well as grandparents; great grandparents; many aunts, uncles and cousins.The family would like to thank all the friends and family in their lives that have been so supportive to them during this most difficult time.
One of Sophia's daughters, Elizabeth, who was aged nine in the 1851 census, married Thomas Floyd on July 14, 1862, these being my great great grandparents. Their marriage certificate shows that Thomas Floyd was also a pearl button maker, as was Elizabeth's father, John Hodson.