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or great uncle (grāt′ŭng′kəl)
A brother or brother-in-law of one's grandparent. Also called granduncle.




an uncle of one's father or mother; brother of one's grandfather or grandmother


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Noun1.great-uncle - an uncle of your father or mother
uncle - the brother of your father or mother; the husband of your aunt


[ˈgreɪtˌʌŋkl] Ntío m abuelo


[ˌgreɪtˈʌŋkl] nprozio
References in classic literature ?
You have said so," replied Elinor, "almost every day since they first met on High-church Down; and they had not known each other a week, I believe, before you were certain that Marianne wore his picture round her neck; but it turned out to be only the miniature of our great uncle.
It may be only the hair of some great uncle of HIS.
I could pass anywhere for twenty-five to thirty years of age, and to be a great uncle always seemed the height of incongruity, for my thoughts and feelings were those of a boy.
It had been foolish modesty in him hitherto to conceal the fact that a branch of the Freelys held a manor in Yorkshire, and to shut up the portrait of his great uncle the admiral, instead of hanging it up where a family portrait should be hung--over the mantelpiece in the parlour.
he was therefore half brother to Nausithous, half uncle to King Alcinous, and half great uncle to Nausicaa.
Dearly loved brother of Gwynneth, beloved uncle of David and Kathleen, great uncle to Danni, Polly and Ross, great-great uncle of Reuben and Beatrice.
Richard Kennedy is travelling to northern France to visit the grave of his great uncle, Charles Cox, who was killed on the Somme on August 5, 1916.
When his great uncle dies and leaves him the contents of his apartment, Ted has high hopes; although it looks like a hoarder's paradise, he thinks there might be some actual treasure from his great uncle's service in World War II.
It described Mr Sandells as: "A loving brother of the late Audrey, much loved uncle of Carole, Ian and Colin, dearest great uncle of David and Louise and proud great-great-uncle of Jessica.
I wrote my first poem in 2010 and five years on realise the influence my Great Uncle Jack must have had on me despite the fact that it took so long to manifest itself.
He mentioned a long-dead relative, great Uncle Jock McAlpine, who even he struggled to remember.
She cherishes cards from her great uncle, Patrick O'Malley, that were sent home to her mother while he was serving on the high seas on HMS Seymour.