greater butterfly orchid

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Noun1.greater butterfly orchid - south European orchid with dark green flowers that are larger and less fragrant than Platanthera bifolia; sometimes placed in genus Habenaria
orchid, orchidaceous plant - any of numerous plants of the orchid family usually having flowers of unusual shapes and beautiful colors
genus Platanthera, Platanthera - herbaceous terrestrial orchids of temperate northern and southern hemispheres
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Most flower-rich meadows are home to yellow rattle, while other lowland species to see in the summer months include lady's bedstraw, clustered bellflower, hoary plantain, salad burnet and the rarer dyer's greenweed, green-winged orchid and greater butterfly orchid. Even if you're not familiar with any of these flowers, the colourful and descriptive names provide plenty of clues about what to expect!
One of the few that remains is at Caeau Tan y Bwlch, Clynnogfawr, Gwynedd, which is home to rare plants such as Adder''s tongue Fern and Greater Butterfly Orchid.
Plants found in the parish which appear on the national Rare Plants Register include frog and greater butterfly orchid, Good King Henry, stinking hellebore, petty whin, heath dog violet, juniper, Jacob's ladder, lesser skullcap and large-leaved lime.
He also has flocks of seed-eating birds such as linnet and yellowhammer, and rare wild plants such as meadow saffron, greater butterfly orchid and herb paris.
Perhaps most satisfying has been the spread of a variety of orchid species, most notably the greater butterfly orchid.
"The best examples are colourful refuges for some of the more uncommon plants such as greater butterfly orchid and wood bitter vetch.

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