greater yellowlegs

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(ˈyɛl oʊˌlɛgz)

n. (used with a sing. v.)
either of two large New World sandpipers having yellow legs, Tringa melanoleuca (greater yellowlegs) or T. flavipes (lesser yellowlegs).
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Noun1.greater yellowlegs - a variety of yellowlegsgreater yellowlegs - a variety of yellowlegs    
yellowlegs - either of two North American shorebird with yellow legs
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Whether you're swimming, clamming, surfcasting or bird watching at the coast, expect to see now semipalmated and black-bellied plovers, ruddy turnstones, whimbrels, lesser and greater yellowlegs, red knots, spotted, solitary, pectoral, white-rumped, semipalmated, and least sandpipers, short-billed and long-billed dowitchers, Hudsonian godwits and sanderlings.
Look for whimbrel, long-billed curlew, black-bellied plover, Pacific golden plover, greater yellowlegs, ruddy turnstone or long- and short-billed dowitcher - species that are many times seen only at this time of year for a period of a few weeks.
They looked yellowish and thoughts of Greater Yellowlegs rushed into my head.
phaeopus), semipalmated plovers (Charadrius semipalmatus), and greater yellowlegs (Tringa melanoleuca) were rare, while snowy plovers (Charadrius alexandrinus) and lesser yellowlegs (Tringa fiavipes) were sporadic.

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