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--"Who art thou at all!" cried here the old magician with defiant voice, "who dareth to speak thus unto ME, the greatest man now living?"--and a green flash shot from his eye at Zarathustra.
Tess's face and neck reflected the same warmth, which each gem turned into an Aldebaran or a Sirius--a constellation of white, red, and green flashes, that interchanged their hues with her every pulsation.
Green Flash Brewing Co has announced the release of Rayon Vert, a Belgian-Style Pale Ale that will be available in stores by January 2012.
Flashes or logos can help you tell at a glance (a green flash guarantees whole grain on NestlA cereals, for example), but if you're uncertain, check the ingredients list.
* Marco Meniero and Andreina Ricco observed the green flash from the Italian west coast (December 2004, page 97).
Green Flash was founded in 2002 by Mike and Lisa Hinkley and brewing operations are led by Chuck Silva.
JUST AS THE SUN'S top rim vanishes at sunset or emerges at sunrise, it sometimes appears a vivid green for about a second--a phenomenon called the green flash. Few people have seen it, but it often becomes an obsession for those who have.
Green Flash Brewing Company of San Diego, CA, has announced the commissioning of its new 45,000 square-foot brewery, with the official opening slated for June 1st.
Barrington's legs were a blur as his Green Flash trainers zipped back and forth across the gym floor and I applauded too as presenter David Vine hailed the awesome performance of this part-man, part-whippet.